Social mobility in Britain is stuck, here’s what to do about it

There are ways to unlock social mobility in Britain, but they require very bold thinking. We could start by giving all children inspirational work-experience opportunities and by bigging up the new-style apprenticeships

26 May 2017

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CBI highlights importance of good management in regional development and building a successful economy post-Brexit

Increased investment in management training and development is key to closing not just the productivity gap between Britain and its G7 partners, but also the gaps that exist between different UK regions

25 May 2017

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Skills opportunity or payroll tax? Employers on the apprenticeship levy

In a straw poll conducted at CMI’s 2017 Partner conference, employers said that understanding and working with the new apprenticeship funding rules was by far their largest concern

24 May 2017

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Maternity leave: Why most return-to-work schemes are broken

Companies need to do more to support flexible working and support mothers as they come back to work

23 May 2017

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The new manager: your first 100 days

Whether it’s a promotion or a move into a new company, becoming a first-time manager gives you a chance to implement fresh ideas, set out your vision for the company, and maybe even inspire your colleagues along the way

23 May 2017

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UK managers want single market access and freedom of movement post-Brexit

An exclusive CMI survey reveals what the nation’s managers are thinking about the big election issues

22 May 2017

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Manifestos round-up: CMI responds to the key management issues of the general election

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election surprised many with its timing. Here, CMI looks at the main management issues of the election and responds to the main parties’ manifesto points

19 May 2017

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I'd like to leave your professional network

At the end of January, Mark Taylor CMgr wrote a short online post about why he was giving up his LinkedIn Premium Business account. In the next few days, the piece attracted more than one million views and 5,000 comments. The reaction begs the question: is there a problem with the professional’s favourite network?

18 May 2017

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Work Wise Week: Why you need to embrace smarter working

Smarter working initiatives can boost productivity and drive a better work-life balance for your employees

17 May 2017

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President’s Dinner: CMI announces 2017 Gold Medal Winner

Sir Charlie Mayfield, chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, has received the CMI Gold Medal Award, one of the highest honours in the management profession

16 May 2017

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