AGM Resolutions and Proxy Votes

Ahead of the AGM, full members of CMI and IC had a chance to vote on the 3 Resolutions to be put to the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, members voted unanimously in favour of all 3 Resolutions on a show of hands. For your information, the proxy voting figures are set out below. 

Resolution 1: To receive, consider and adopt the Financial Statements of the Institute and the Report of the Board and the Auditors thereof in respect of the year ended 31 March 2014

Advance proxies received in favour: 2074 and against: 20 - percentage in favour = 99.3%.

Resolution 2: The re-appointment of BDO LLP as Auditors of the Institute, to hold office from the conclusion of the meeting until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting

Proxies received in favour: 2627 and against: 97 - percentage in favour = 96.4%.  

Special Resolution: This Resolution sought to reinstate the Coat of Arms of the former British Institute of Management – a forerunner organisation to the CMI.  This required an additional clause in our Royal Charter.

Proxies received in favour: 2639 and against: 85 - percentage in favour = 96.99%.

Turnout was Turnout in the voting was 8.2%

 The full minutes of the AGM can be found in the governance section of our website and can be accessed here

An important follow up activity has been to make the formal submission to the Privy Council to make the change to our Royal Charter.  The Submission, formally signed by the President and CEO, and including the Institute Seal, was lodged with the Privy Council Office on 21 October and is due to go before the Privy Council (chaired by Her Majesty The Queen) on 5 November.  So we are hoping for positive news shortly thereafter.