CMDA and Apprenticeships and level 3 and 5

With Board investment in the apprenticeship programme approved, great strides are being made to develop our full suite of apprenticeships.

Overview of activity



A range of collateral, materials, case studies, videos and guidance materials have been developed for both employers and providers, and can be found at the CMI microsite:

A more detailed employer focused leaflet has been developed to help position all of the apprenticeships.

The current digital campaign highlights the suite of apprenticeships on offer, focus on engaging with new large employers, make effective use of existing collateral as well as generating new content.   The microsite will be further developed into an “apprenticeships” microsite with expanded resources and collateral, and an increased bank of case studies. 

A schedule of events where the CMDA and lower level apprenticeships can be promoted by the CMI is being maintained.  This comprises conferences, seminars, webinars and University launch events.  

Key Challenges

  • Employer engagement – there is a need to increase the number of employers to provide apprenticeship places to ensure that our 1,000 CMDA target can be achieved, and 10,000 by three years.  Lack of certainty on the full impact of the Apprenticeship Levy is delaying employer engagement with apprenticeships.  CMI is highlighting the benefits of investing in the new apprenticeships well ahead of April 2017.

  • HE Provider engagement – there is a growing number of HE partners developing new CMDA programmes including CMI accreditation. 

  • Learning provider engagement for the lower levels – the team is working hard with existing and new approved centres to ensure that FE colleges and private training providers are ready to offer the L3 and L5 apprenticeships using CMI diplomas.