CMI business update

Total income is ahead of our ‘no miss’ budget target, at £2.999k against a budget of £2.976k.  Lower overhead spend, principally due to timing differences, and a higher margin sales mix, mean that net contribution is well ahead of budget.

Higher Education and Education Partners are the top performing business activities at the current time, coming close to the aspirational budget target. 

There has been re-alignment of the Employer/Corporate Partner team, in light of the departure in September of Mike Malaure, Commercial Director, and the decision not to recruit into this role.  Our employer business is very much interlinked with Apprenticeships, HE and FE.  The Employer sales and support teams are therefore being integrated into these other areas of the business. 

Significant new HE partnerships have been contracted with Business Schools, a mix of one year, 3 year and 5 year deals with the likes of Swansea, Newcastle and London South Bank.  The forward pipeline is also strong, stretching into both Q2 and Q3.  The pipeline for Q2 includes 13 contracts worth over £50k each.

The next stage in our HE partnerships is to build employability modules and stimulate student engagement.  A pilot project is in development to build a pack of learning materials to support employability across Universities in all subject areas.  Desk research is also being undertaken with four Business School partners, looking at engagement with CMI services, particularly ManagementDirect.

In June, we undertook a first satisfaction survey across 90 University partners.  Top line results were:

  • 80% of respondents suggest that partnership with CMI has a high impact on recruitment of students to a course
  • 90% indicate that the CMI partnerships have a high impact on student employability
  • 95% indicate a positive impact on students’ learning experience
  • 100% indicate satisfaction with CMI’s quality assurance processes
  • The Net Promoter Score for HE partners stands at +63

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Turning to the employer business, this has been slightly hampered by organisations purposely delaying decisions on management training, until there is clarity on the implications of the imposition of an Apprenticeship levy in April 2017.

The focus continues to be on FTSE 200 companies, the 100 Most Admired Companies, and selected major public sector organisations.  Discussions extend across our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme, accredited programmes and ManagementDirect. 

Education Partner business is above target and 18% up on previous year.  Strongest performance was across MoD partners.  The pipeline is building across existing accounts and new partners, with a clear focus on those that are larger scale and apprenticeship capable. 

The recent series of Engage Days with our Approved Centres was very successful, giving clear oversight on developments including our apprenticeship strategy.

Thought leadership activity is focusing on:

  • 18 August – A Level results day – as an opportunity to promote apprenticeships
  • 23 August – Launch of the Salary survey research
  • 7 September – Launch of ‘Generation Z’ research, in partnership with EY Foundation
  • 22 September – Launch of ‘Trust in the Middle’ research
  • Also in September – exact date to be confirmed – Ethics in Financial Services: a joint paper with the Chartered Insurance Institute
CMI brand awareness has fallen over recent months.  Ground appears to have been lost in terms of share of voice and level of media coverage as a result of the overriding focus in the press on EU referendum issues, in which the Institute did not engage, taking a neutral stance.  A plan is under development to regain position, focusing on the greater need for effective management and leadership for the UK to compete on the global stage.  Staff resource in branding is also being strengthened.

Recent PR activity and other facts and figures include:

  • Launch of a CMI partnership with the Open University Business School to launch its first MOOC (massive open online course) – which received widespread coverage in the trade press, including an editorial in Personnel Today
  • Level 3 and 5 apprenticeship launch – supported by case studies and a social media campaign
  • Professional Manager reader satisfaction stands at 84%
  • Our total LinkedIn group totals 14,133 members
Marketing activity continues to strengthen.  Total website visits during June 2016 stood at 96,939 against a target of 87,500.  An HE microsite (as per the link above) has been launched, incorporating a self-service marketing toolkit for partners.  Support materials have also been developed for Apprenticeships, aimed at both Education Partners and employers. 

Membership statistics show a total of 98,908 members as at the end of July 2016.  With the addition of e-Members (registered on the website), the overall management community including stakeholders such as key contacts at Employers and Education Providers is 136k.


Other facts and figures relating to membership are:
  • Membership subscription income is on budget.
  • Chartered Manager Net Promoter Score stands at +87 against a target of +76
  • Membership retention stands at 89%
  • 172 member events have been held in the first 3 months of the year, with 1,664 delegates attending
  • We have a newly appointed Regional Board Chair Designate for North West: Paul Finnegan CMgr FCMI
  • We have also appointed a new CMI Board in Hong Kong, under the chairmanship of Dr Victor Ng FCMI