Committee Reports May 2015

A round up of the work of the Committees of the Board in recent months


Key topics on this Committee’s agenda were:

  • Report from Assessment Panel
  • Companion Offer & Engagement & Demonstration of Directory
  • Gold Medal Update

Report from Assessment Panel

The Board reviewed its work in recruiting new Companions and was pleased that it had recruited 56 Companions against the target of 50 for this year.

The Board endorsed the nominations for new Companions. Work will now take place to recruit more Companions from the public sector, mutuals, the consultancy sector, the consumer sector and manufacturing, with the overall aim being to achieve sectoral balance.

Companion Offer & Engagement & Demonstration of Directory

The Board received a presentation of the initial version of the new Companions’ Digital Directory which pulls through information from the Institute’s CRM database. It will be populated with additional information as it is collected and will be developed incrementally.  The Directory is an informative and user-friendly tool, easily accessible and always up to date. The majority of Companions have already agreed to participate in the Directory and there have been over 40 appreciative comments from them. There will now be a programme of work over the next few months to contact every Companion to confirm their personal information and gather information on their interests for the Speakers Bureau.

The Board received a paper on the ‘Growing Your Small Business Programme’ which will highlight the need for management development to enable small businesses to grow.

Between May and June 2015, CMI and Business Schools will be hosting 14 events across the UK for employers and small businesses. These events will allow attendees to learn about funding and support available to them, in addition to discovering key data about small businesses in their region. Companions will be key members at these events, either as speakers or chairing the event and a final report will be launched at events in the House of Commons, Holyrood, the Welsh Assembly and Stormont in September 2015, to coincide with the political party conference season.

Gold Medal Update

Discussion took place around the timetable for the 2015 CMI Gold Medal process and the type of candidate sought; who would be a thought leader in their field, attract a good audience and help further raise CMI’s profile. More work will now take place to finalise the timetable and develop a fuller profile of the type of nominee sought.


Key topics on this Committee’s agenda were:

  • Chartered Management Consultant
  • Member Engagement and Insight Project
  • IC Success Measures 2015/16
  • Report on ICMCI Issues - Trustee attendance at Eurohub Vienna
  • Chartered Management Consultant

    The Committee noted the good progress made on the Chartered Management Consultant Project.

    The project plan remains on schedule, working towards the key date of the CMI AGM on 22 September 2015, when we will seek member approval to approach the Privy Council to make provision for the award of Chartered Management Consultant within the CMI Royal Charter.

    The survey outcomes from the recent consultation exercise are being analysed, together with feedback from telephone interviews and workshops with SME practices, consultancy buyers, partners of the large firms, and Young MCA. 

    Success has also been achieved in eliciting strong expressions of support from other chartered professional bodies, the large consultancy firms and the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.

    The Committee is providing oversight of the project, with members continuing to act as a critical friend on project activities.

    The next step is development of a ‘strawman’ definition for ChMC, which will be the subject of a further round of consultation during May. 

    A working group of IC Advisory Committee members will now focus on communication and consultation with members, in particular on the development of a ‘community’ of consultants within CMI.

    Member Engagement and Insight Project

    The Committee discussed the positive progress on the Member Engagement and Insight project, focusing on determining the needs/wants of different member segments, within CMI, IC and WIM.

    The first stage of the project is complete, namely telephone interviews with 550 members across the grades.  These have elicited a wealth of data and insight.  Questions posed included reasons for joining, knowledge and satisfaction with services on offer, factors that may encourage members to upgrade, and likelihood of members renewing their membership.

    The next stage takes the form of a series of member surveys, including a dedicated survey for IC members.  Despatch date is early May, with the findings reported back during June.

    IC Success Measures 2015/16

    The Committee agreed a set of success measures for 2015/16 which it will monitor at each meeting.

    These relate to:

    -          Financial targets: membership income, practice income and training income

    -          Member recruitment and retention (as % targets)

    -          Member engagement and reconnection 

    -          Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) approval and development of a sustainable and commercial implementation plan

    -          Planning for the launch of the ‘consultant community’ within the CMI

    -          Fostering International links

    -          Other longer term success measures, including Partnership development of ChMC via Business Schools and other professional bodies and thought leadership activities.

    Allocation of responsibilities and action plans will be the focus for discussion at the next meeting, receiving input from Simon Bowen, incoming Director of Member Engagement.

    Report on ICMCI Issues - Trustee attendance at Eurohub Vienna

    The IC is a member body of ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) and elections to the Executive Committee of ICMCI take place this year. IC has four Trustees in ICMCI and it was agreed in principle to put forward one Trustee as a candidate for election. The selection process will now commence.

    WiM ADVISORY COMMITTEE – 21 April 2015

    Diversity research – The Committee received a presentation from Lysbeth Plas, Senior Research Officer, on the initial findings from the current diversity research survey.  Responses are still being received and therefore the final messages are not yet crafted.  However, initial analysis is showing:

    • a clear discrepancy and joined up thinking, moving from collection of diversity data within organisations, to the publication of data, which then leads to the setting of targets
    • 35% of respondents indicate that their organisation does not measure diversity
    • 58% of respondents have received diversity training
    • many barriers remain, including unconscious bias.

    Once fully analysed and presented back, the findings will form the basis of a new WiM White Paper, with a prospective launch date of October/November 2015.

    WiM Network collateral – A new information leaflet was considered in its draft form, leading to progress on finalising the collateral for use at meetings and events across the UK.  The key feedback was to ensure positive messages and stress the benefits of joining the WiM Network.

    Feedback from WiM Champions – The WiM Champions had met earlier in the day and feedback from that meeting was relayed to the Committee.  The challenge remains to reinforce the communication links between the Champions and Regional Boards and the central Committee.  The answer may lie in a reconfiguration of the WiM Advisory Committee itself, and proposals to this effect will be developed for consideration.

    Great examplars of good practice were shared with the Committee arising from the Champions, including the full year programme published as an engaging leaflet by WiM in the North East, Yorkshire, Humberside Board; and initiatives to appoint Student Ambassadors for WiM. 

    Promotional campaigns – As well as new collateral, the Committee heard that campaigns will be developed to promote the WiM Network and attract new members into it, as well as encouraging existing members to engage more actively.  This includes a new WiM LinkedIn group.  Messages to put out via social media were briefly discussed, the consensus being that these need to be impactful, changing perceptions and current ways of thinking.  These messages should also pick up on the key themes emerging from the diversity research.