Committee Reports October 2014



Progress against strategy 2014/15 - The CMI strategy update covering the wider position of the Institute was reviewed.  The Committee particularly welcomed the fact that, for the first time in five years, the level of reserves cover has reached the six month level recommended by the Charity Commission.


Future strategy development - The Committee considered the following areas of future development for the External Affairs and Insight activity:


  • Partnerships – continued focus on establishing partnerships with the bigger business schools.
  • Chartered Manager – The impact of CMgr needs to be quantified, to increase the value of the award in the external environment – with research due to be conducted in late 2014.
  • Companions - Companions need to engage themselves and their companies with CMI.


Proposals for National Management 2020 Awards - The Committee endorsed the proposal to deliver ‘Management 2020 Awards’ in partnership with Management Today.  It is understood that MT will organise the awards event, with CMI providing much of the audience. Comments made focused on the nature of the prizes to be awarded and ensuring that the cost of entry is not prohibitive.


Ethics Report and Dissemination – The Committee received details of the Ethics II report, to be released on 28 October 2014 in an event at the RSA. 


Code of Conduct and Practice - The Committee received the agreed wording for the Code and considered promotion channels for it.  It was considered that a credit card sized format is an excellent idea and would make the Code more accessible.


Committee membership – A number of members are stepping down from the Committee, having completed either their current, or full terms of office.  These members were thanked for their service: John Cruise, Stuart Baldwin, Hamza Aumeer, and Tony Willenbruch.


Ian MacEachern, stepping down from the role of Chair, was thanked for his significant contribution in leading the Committee.





Regional strategies – Board Chairs reported back on their strategic aims on the basis that there should be a focus on a total of 5 or 6 tangible deliverables, including two specific areas of strategic focus for all Boards to deliver on, namely HE and Member recruitment and retention.  The Boards are then choosing two further areas of activity from a longer list of options; the list includes thought leadership, professional body relationships, a balanced member engagement programme and relationship building with FE/private training providers.  The Boards can then choose one ‘wildcard’, an initiative with a purely regional and local context.  These plans will form the focus for future meetings, to ensure the successes are shared.


Showcase - At each meeting there is a ‘showcase’ item led by a Board Chair.  On this occasion, Philip Bell, Chair of Thames Valley Board, presented the Board’s approach to articulating its role and keeping track of activities and measuring progress.  This presentation led to a wider discussion as to whether it is useful for all Boards to adopt a consistent approach.  It may be valuable to create a one page summary dashboard, encompassing information across all Boards.  Underneath this, each Board could then decide on how it wished to report in more detail.  The Regional Boards are now to consider whether they wish to adopt a common and shared approach.  If so, the aim should be to have the template in place by the end of March 2015.


Member engagement day - Content ideas for the member engagement day on 7 November were shared, including breakout group discussion topics and the means of allocating attendees to these groups.  A ‘rainbow rewards’ programme is being proposed, whereby Board Chairs will be invited to submit nominations. 


Chair vacancies – There has been a recent new appointment of Sharyn Coleman as Chair of the North East, Yorkshire, Humberside Board.  A vacancy for North West Chair is being advertised.  The further vacancy is in the East Midlands, but action on this awaits receipt of this Board’s future action plan and its commitment to move forward as a stand alone Region, rather than consider a merger with West Midlands Region.


Regional awards - The communications plan for the awards is in action, with various award events scheduled between January and March 2015, in East/West Midlands, N Ireland, Thames Valley, London & South East, and Scotland.





Incoming Chair - Jane Noakes chaired her first meeting of the Committee, following her appointment by the Board.  New members are being recruited to this Committee to bring it up to full complement.


Actions since last meeting - The Committee welcomed significant actions taken since the last meeting, including the Board's approval of the revised Complaints Handling and Resolution Process and inclusion of member complaints in the risk management register.


Publication of revised Code of Conduct and Practice - The Committee reviewed the plans for the revised Code, focusing on a launch on the day of AGM on 9 October, and including a press release and a member email campaign.  In terms of design of the Code, the publication of the 6 key principles on a credit card type document, ideally the reverse of the membership card, is the favoured option.  The challenge remains to maintain awareness of the Code over the longer term.  The Committee will work alongside the External Affairs and Insight Committee in this task.  There is also a need to maintain knowledge as to the Codes of peer professional bodies and the strategies they adopt to publicise and raise awareness of their own Codes. 


Strategy update - The Committee discussed with Ann Francke the latest strategy update.  Particular comments made related to involvement with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), and the need for members at regional level to become involved and engaged with strategic activity to build business leads and raise awareness, rather than a pure focus on member events.


Development of Investigation Panel - The Committee agreed to plan for an event to bring together members of the Panel in mid 2015, to coincide with one of the Committee's own meetings.  This will act as both a training and engagement event.


Committee member CPD - The suggestion is that Committee members make a written commitment to CPD activity, which could include reviewing previous cases, and keeping a watching brief on general legal and employment lay developments, through the various newsletters issued on a regular basis by legal firms.  Links will also be forged with the Institute of Business Ethics.


Member complaints - Whilst there are no current complaints, there have been various enquiries relating to potential complaints.  This led to discussion as to whether the Committee and the Institute should be more proactive in seeking complaints.  It was agreed that information in the public domain, eg high profile press stories, could be considered in terms of checking individual names against the Institute's membership database.