Comms quarterly reports

Our research and thought leadership work was the primary driver of media coverage in the first quarter of the year. Key highlights included:

  • the launch of our Women in Management white paper, The Power of Role Models, which generated a 15-minute in-depth conversation on Radio 5 Live involving Ann Francke and a young WiM member, plus Sky News Radio, Sunday Times, Express, i, and Daily Mail online coverage.
  • The annual National Management Salary Survey also which achieved substantial coverage including broadcast coverage on Sky News, BBC Radio2, the Financial Times, The Times, The Telegraph, the Express, the Sun, the Evening Standard, the Metro, and widespread trade and regional coverage
  • June saw the launch of the 21st Century Leaders report (our review of business school curricula with ABS and QAA). The report has generated excellent contacts and feedback within the sector, and we achieved coverage in the influential Times Higher Education, the Evening Standard and trade press. We have also secured a forthcoming slot in the FT’s ‘Soapbox’ column.

Our ongoing work to build relationships with key journalists and build our profile as experts on key management themes has also borne fruit during the quarter. Coverage was achieved in The Times, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and The Sun through ad hoc interview opportunities as opposed to specific launches.

We are also increasingly working with our new partners to help them promote new partnerships, with launches including ICE and IET achieving coverage in key sector titles. We also provided input to projects led by third parties, such as the launch of the Inspiring Governors scheme and Valuing your Talent , led by CIPD with CIMA, UKCES and the RSA.

With 435 pieces of coverage, the results for the quarter were slightly lower than our (unphased) target of 500. However, it is clear that we are achieving high-quality coverage in influential media. One result is that our visibility to senior managers and directors is higher than among the general population of managers.

Q2 has already got under way with great results for the launch of the Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership including an open letter and article in the Daily Telegraph (plus an extended article and video online, and a letter of reply the following week). Over 70 hits have been achieved so far including the FT, Anthony Hilton in the Evening Standard, the Express, the Mirror, Metro, and many others. August also sees the launch of our gender salary survey, which has driven major coverage in recent years.