Future Forecast Research Report

Every year we ask managers across the UK how they've experienced the past year and what they expect from the year ahead. This year, 1,253 managers completed the questionnaire.


 Please have a look at the full research report. Further information, infographics, press releases and videos can be found at www.managers.org.uk/futureforecast 

Key findings include: 

Westminster seems to be missing the mark with managers, and many key pledges from the leading political parties don’t chime with managers’ priorities. For example, the government is very preoccupied with immigration at the moment. However, limiting the movement of labour across the EU isn’t a priority issue for managers (4% net support score*). 

They are more interested in political support for providing work experience to every young person (net support score of 79%) and developing new, employer-led management apprenticeships (72%). 

There is an increased focus on people this year: ‘Developing people’ has made it into the top three management priorities, overtaking ‘Increasing turnover’, and ‘Training and development’ is one of the areas most likely to see increased employer spending in 2015 (45%). However, fewer managers than last year are confident that their organisation has the right people to fulfil business objectives (72% vs. 66%). 

The report also includes tracking data about growth, economic and organisational optimism and staff morale. The research process was very much a cross-departmental effort with the digital and marketing teams. We’re also working together with various agencies to reach as large an audience as possible using various media channels, including a number of videos, and will follow up at a later stage to give you an overview of the media impact that the story has had. *Managers were asked to indicate whether they opposed, supported or were indifferent to a range of statements.