Honorary Officers Portal

The new honorary officer intranet portal is live!

The Intranet has been designed as a place where you can find information to help you gain a greater understanding of CMI and how the Institute’s governance structure operates, as well as access to tools to maximise your input. 

The Intranet can be found online at http://www.managers.org.uk/about-us/honorary-officers-resources

The intranet includes:

  • Past papers
  • Newsletters
  • Business refreshers
  • Constitutional documentation
  • Events
  • Strategy
  • Management Direct

A user’s guide to the intranet can be found here

You will already have received your log-in credentials in a separate e-mail.  If you require any assistance logging in, or have any comments or questions on the area, please email matt.beavan@managers.org.uk

This new resource was created for you and we need your help in developing it further.  Your feedback is crucial to us as we work to grow and expand the Intranet to meet your needs.