IC Update and Positioning

Oversight and scrutiny of the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Project is now a key role for this committee, which will be taking on the role of the previous ChMC Working Group and will be owning the project, providing expert guidance and input.  A number of task groups looking at the detail are now being set up, which will report directly to the Committee. 

At its January 2015 meeting, the IC Committee would be focusing on the following strands of work:

  • The future of the Institute of Consulting as a professional network/community within the CMI: its name, positioning and branding
  • Implications for membership grade and fee structures for members of the consultancy ‘community’ within the CMI
  • Member connections – a programme for member communications and consultation
  • Analysis of IC/CMI membership of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and options for the future.

Rationale for these debates

A number of members attending the IC Advisory Committee in October 2014 gave a frank assessment of the positioning of the IC, namely that integration is already a reality in all but name and fee structure.  The same view was expressed by members attending the Member Engagement Day on 7 November.

It is clear that positive messages are still needed on IC’s future positioning as a professional network/community within the CMI and the added value that will result, capitalising on the strengths of the wider Institute.

The IC Advisory Committee members hold the view that CMI/IC integration should be pursued as a separate initiative, not necessarily awaiting the establishment of ChMC.  The Committee asked that the Board be alerted to this preferred approach.

Next steps

            The IC Advisory Committee meets on 13 January 2015, when it will hold further discussions on IC positioning within the CMI, aiming to submit further views to the Board.