Member Engagement Day

As part of the CMI’s commitment to member engagement and collaboration in driving through our strategy, you have been invited to participate in a Member Engagement Day to be held on Friday 7 November 2014 in central Birmingham.


This event responds to feedback from our Committee evaluation exercise earlier in the year, as well as to a request from the Regional Board Chairs on the need for members to get together, share opinions and network.  


The event is being held at the Conference Centre at Aston University, in central Birmingham.  It will commence at 10.30 am and run through to 4 pm.


The timing is aimed at enabling the majority of members to travel there and back on same day. Birmingham is well served by train, as well as by air for those from Scotland and Northern Ireland.  If you cannot reasonably reach Birmingham on that morning, then we will be happy to explore accommodation for you.  Travel expenses will be paid by the CMI.


This day is all about members of the Regional Boards, CMI central Committees, supported by the executive team, getting together to:


-          Gain a shared understanding of current  strategies

-          Agree on the key areas of focus and how honorary officers can add value in these areas

-          Understand the respective roles and responsibilities of honorary officers in taking these strategies forward

-          Share the current challenges and how to resolve them

-          Put forward initial thoughts and ideas to assist in our 2015/16 business planning

-          Meet each other and network.


The day will include group discussions, where you will be able to join in a debate on a particular aspect of the strategy that you are most interested in or which is most relevant to your role.  There will also be a focus on core issues relating to member engagement, communication channels – ie how we can work better together and get our messages out to the wider membership.


Discussions will encompass CMI, IC and WiM, and the role of the Regional Board Champions will be addressed.  We will focus on key areas of the growth strategy – in particular HE partnerships; employer engagement; member engagement; and thought leadership.


A programme outline and information on timings for the event can be found at the following web address:  On this page you can also access directions to the venue. 


We already have over 70 members registered for the day – so please do consider joining us, if you have not already registered.