Member Engagement Day 2015

The Member Engagement Day took place on the 14 November as a means of sharing updating and networking across our Regional Boards and Committees. A specific workshop provided excellent insight from members across our CMI Committees on the topic of Engagement and Communication. We looked at:


.1            Perceptions on the roles and responsibilities of a Committee member

.2            The biggest challenges for Committee members in fulfilling their roles

.3            Ways to improve Committee communication to the Regions and from there to the wider membership

.4            Additional support to help members fulfil their role as a Committee member

A number of useful outcomes came out of the session and a summary can be found here. An action plan is being developed to take these points watch this space.

The remainder of the day focused on engaging all voluntary members of the CMI throughout the regions and the Committees, and covered the following:

Member Engagement strategy

Overwhelming support was given for priority of targeting Affiliate conversions, with further work then to develop a more segmented membership proposition according to member grades.  Strong message was given of the need to maximise value of our regional networks in strengthening reach/exposure.  There was a clear sense of need to adequately support this work with practical opportunities for Affiliate members to engage with CMI during their studies.

HE strategy

The strategy and challenges of delivering against early successes, particularly in ensuring effective liaison with regional networks was shared. 

Management Consultancy

Discussion took place around organisational standards and the opportunity that this development presents for CMI to strengthen its position within the Management Consultancy sector. It was recognised that more practical answers need to be explored on the Institute of Consulting, such as  brand and identify of Consultants within CMI.


Discussions took place around presence and profile of WiM and extent to which it has lost focus in ‘lobbying’ to the converted and increasingly seen as exclusive to women.  A suggestion made to broaden the remit across all diversity issues (whilst retaining a key focus on Women in Management and Leadership) along with raising the profile and inclusivity of this network.