Member Engagement Day Outcomes

The Members Engagement Day attended by members of the Regional Boards and the Advisory Committees of the CMI was held on 7 November at Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham


The day was kicked of with a fantastic start with Ann Francke, presenting the CMI Strategy & Vision which included an update on the positive progress being made. Click here to download a copy of Ann’s presentation.


Following the introductory session, members were asked to consider three specific questions and feedback to the wider audience at the end of each one.

Question 1 – What are the top three ideas we should be working on within Membership Engagement? Click here to view the consolidated feedback from the day.

Question 2 – What are the top three challenges you face as a Board/ Committee member and what suggestions do you have to accelerate success? Click here to view session feedback and recommendations, prioritised by the Regional/ Devolved Nations Advisory Committee (RDNAC).

Question 3 – What does success look like to you? Click here to view consolidated feedback from the day.


After lunch, members were split into their chosen workshop groups which comprised of the following areas:

  • Chartered Manager (CMgr) and Chartered Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Employer Partnerships
  • HE Partnerships
  • Institute of Consulting (IC)
  • Member Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Women in Management (WiM)

Collated feedback from these sessions can be found by clicking here.


As a result of the feedback and discussion which took place on the 7 November, we have progressed the ideas and a summarised Membership Engagement paper was presented at the Regional and Devolved Nations Committee meeting where it was agreed to alert the wider membership through Membership Matters that this review is to take place.

As a result of this, we wanted to your involvement in this project.  Click here to download a copy of this communication that was in Membership Matters.

If you would like to be involved further in the project please contact