Member Engagement Review

The scope of this major review is currently underway – as announced at the Member Engagement day in November 2014 and as considered by the Board of Trustees and Regional Chairs.  The whole of this project is aimed at gaining a much better understanding of the needs and expectations of the membership community, covering CMI, IC and WiM.

Meeting and exceeding member needs and expectations is core to CMI’s mission and is a key strategic theme of the growth strategy.  While member retention and satisfaction measures are performing ahead of target (90% satisfied, 87.5% retention), we do not necessarily have a clear strategy going forward of how we engage with members in order to ensure that membership remains of significant value to individual managers and their careers.

Over the last 12 months, a lot of effort has been placed in establishing our 12 Regional/Devolved Nation Boards.  We will now look more widely at our strategy for engaging with members – the relatively small proportion of active ones (c10%), but, critically, the much larger majority of passive ones (c90%). 


Activities underway include interrogation of our transactional membership data, customer satisfaction survey responses, previous research studies, and feedback from membership engagement days.  We are also scoping a major research project, working with an external agency, and encompassing telephone interviews and an online survey.   Questions to be addressed will include: 

  • What is the profile of our membership base – what are the discrete segments of members with distinct needs and wants? We will, for example, seek to segment by grade and career stage and specialism.
  • What are members’ expectations / needs from their membership?  What gaps exist in our current value proposition?  Why do members join, stay, and leave?  Are all the benefits of membership known and utilised?
  • What do members value most from CMI, IC and WiM (Now CMI Women)
  • Of the most valued aspects of our membership offering, what do we do well, what could we do better?
  • How do we drive demand and take-up of existing (CMgr) and new (ChMC) designations?
  • How can we utilise our regional board structure to effectively support our engagement strategy?

We need to understand if / how each of these areas differ depending on:

  • Level of membership grade (including IC members)
  • Stage of career lifecycle (students, first line, middle, senior managers)
  • Level of engagement with CMI (active vs passive)
  • Sector

The research proposal is being presented to the Regional Board Chairs’ meeting on 24 February.  Once agreed, this is a 10-12 week research project.  The full plan and timelines will be developed in collaboration with the incoming Director of Member Engagement.  If you wish to input thoughts at this stage please contact Elaine McLean at  A further update will be published in the next Digest.