Membership Engagement

Reminder of Context and Scope

The member engagement review is underway to understand the needs and expectations of the CMI membership community, and the following areas have been developed: 


While member retention and satisfaction measures are performing ahead of target; there is not a clear strategy of how CMI engages with members in order to ensure that membership of CMI remains of significant value to individual managers and their careers.

The scope of the engagement review covers 3 areas in relation to Membership:-

1.   Determining needs / wants of different member segments

2.   Driving demand for Chartered Manager (CMgr)

3.   Developing and gaining approval for ‘Chartered Management Consultant’ (ChMC)

1.   Determining needs / wants of different member segments


We have commissioned a comprehensive piece of research into current, lapsed and eventually prospective members which will allow us to make insight-led decisions on strategy by truly understanding the needs of different member segments. 

Regional Board Chairs have been kept fully engaged in the process and encouraged to cascade the research scope to their Board members. The Chairs have been taken through the detailed proposal of our approach and there was valuable input received and taken into account.

2.   Driving demand for Chartered Manager

This builds on work underway which consisting of 2 main streams of activity, combined with key enablers:

1) Embed Chartered Manager in all eligible Employer Accredited Programmes as a default

  •      Currently an optional extra, which may not always even get discussed
    •     Has the potential to generate an incremental c400 Chartered Managers (year 1 revenue may be negligible depending on approach to package pricing, but ongoing annuity stream from membership)

2) Increase the number of centres approved as CMgr assessment centres – and increase student volumes from those who are approved

  •      Currently only 30 of our centres are approved CMgr assessment centres (<20% of eligible centres)
  •      Of these, only 5% of the eligible learners have been put forward for CMgr
  •      Approving half of the remaining centres, and ensuring that all approved centres put forward at least 50% of their learners, would generate c1.5k incremental Chartered Managers


  •      Ensuring simplification of messaging across all channels of communication
    •     Improving promotion, collateral and case studies to support CMgr for Employers, including the use of the latest CMgr research findings

3.    Developing and gaining approval for ‘Chartered Management Consultant’ (ChMC)

We aim to design, consult on, and achieve approval for, the award of ‘Chartered Management Consultant’ (ChMC), for prospective launch in April 2016. IC and CMI members have been informed of the initiative and responses to date have been constructive and positive. CMI professional body partners, The IET, ICE and IMEchE, have already indicated support.

The implication for membership is that IC members will move into CMI membership and form a specialist network / community similar to WiM.

No income is projected during 2015/16. A total of c£30k is being sought from the 2015/16 budget to cover the costs of legal advice, consultation activities, product development and initial marketing collateral.

Revenue is subject to agreement of commercial terms with MCA and other partners who may be involved, on a franchise basis, in assessing ChMC. The premise is based on cohorts of new members and ChMCs coming through Practices/large firm routes vs. individual recruitment. Possible revenue to be shared in Yr 1:

  •      Minimum of 250 new members and ChMCs

- income of £200k in assessment fees and £49k in membership fees: total £249k

  •      Maximum of 1,500 new members and ChMCs

- income of £1.1m in assessment fees and £295k in membership fees: total £1.396m

  •      Set against equalisation of CMI/IC membership fees and removal of dual membership fee: £92k – to

apply to IC member subscription renewals from 1 April 2016

  •     Consideration will be given to incentives to joint CMI/IC members, renewing at the dual subscription rate in Q3/Q4 of 2015/16, to gain ChMC at a discounted rate.