Policy and Research

Commission Findings – Management 2020


The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership, founded by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management (APPGM) and the CMI launched its findings on 15 July at a reception at the House of Commons Terrace Pavilion.

The report stresses that employers across the country need to focus on their "Purpose, People and Potential" to improve the UK's long-term economic prospects.

The comment on the findings from Peter Ayliffe, CMI President who co-chaired the Commission, was that: "We're faced with a ticking time bomb of myopic management in this country, with widespread under-investment in the next generation of leaders.  Without a genuine focus on the three critical areas of purpose, people and potential we cannot hope to build a sustainable economy - nor a cohesive and prosperous society from which everyone benefits."

Barry Sheerman MP, Commission Co-Chair and Chair of the APPGM, made the statement that: "We've got to do better at developing young people's potential. First, employability needs to be embedded in education.  Second, government should work with partners to help build exchange networks .. and it's clear that we can do more to train, nurture and mentor the management stars of the future."

As part of the recommendations on supporting potential, the CMI has also committed to supporting new apprenticeships.  At the close of the launch, Ann Francke announced that CMI was seeking 10 employers to pledge their support to help develop the Apprenticeship Trailblazer in Management and Leadership.  This submission has now been made, with over 10 employers signed up.  For more information, please contact Petra Wilton at petra.wilton@managers.org.uk.

To read the report and try out the new benchmarking tool, visit managers.org.uk/management2020.

Valuing your Talent Report Launched 

In organisations of all shapes and sizes, people’s knowledge and skills play a central role – they are the asset that drives value in all other assets. A new report aims to help managers, HR professionals and management accountants work better together to develop that asset.

‘Managing the value of your talent’ is the result of a joint project involving CMI plus CIPD, CIMA, UKCES and the RSA. Drawing on extensive research and employer case studies, it concludes that a combination of hard and soft data provide the best insights into what drives value, organisational culture and people risk. Executives must use that data to improve the effectiveness of investment in people and maximise the talent of their employees.

The report and a framework to help improve the management of this most important of assets can be found on the Valuing your Talent hub