PR Strategy 2015 16

The CMI continues to invest in PR activity. In February, Tristan Garrick took up the newly created role of Head of Strategy, Planning and Campaigns and took over the in-house lead on PR from Patrick Woodman. Tristan will manage the relationship with CMI’s retained PR agency, Kindred. Together they will implement the PR strategy with the aim of increasing brand awareness among individual managers, employers/HR and higher education institutes and education providers.


The 2015-2016 PR strategy comprises running an ‘always-on’ press office and in tandem running two headline campaigns each promoting a key CMI theme.


The press office will handle promotion of the CMI’s annual programme of reports and research. The press office will also handle all day-to-day media relations: CMI announcements, commenting on relevant topical issues on proactive/reactive basis, reputation management. 


The two headline campaigns will enable the CMI to increase volume of coverage by generating additional news and non-news coverage, and placing CMI in areas of the media until now out of the reach.


The first creative campaign, scheduled for July, will be themed on ‘tackling difficult conversations’. The second will be themed on ‘reclaiming the meaning of manager’. Each standalone campaign will comprise producing original news-generating content.