The Business Benefits of Management and Leadership Development

Business Benefits of MLDNearly half of UK line managers 'are ineffective'. Yet our research reveals how management and leadership skills can drive up UK performance.

This ground breaking piece of research from CMI, Penna and Henley Business School draws on the finding from 4,500 managers.

The report explores the following areas:

  • current practice in MLD
  • individual managers' views of MLD and the impact it has on their performance and abilities
  • organisations' approaches to MLD and the impact on organisational performance
  • how organisations can increase the business impact of MLD and how individuals may identify MLD for their specific needs.

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How can CMI work with you and your organisation to drive up performance?

CMI is the only chartered professional body dedicated to raising standards of management and leadership across all sectors of UK commerce and industry.

We can:

  • work with you to ensure you maximise the return on investment in your training and development spending
  • support individual managers who want to better understand what activities to undertake
  • advocate to policy holders the impact of good management and leadership development in supporting economic growth.

Below are some links to the resources we offer managers and organisations.

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Support for managers

Support for employers

Membership: Becoming a member of CMI demonstrates commitment to professional standards and continuing development. It provides access to a range of resources, tools, research, library services and development opportunities to help individuals become better managers.

Management development and qualifications: CMI helps organisations achieve their objectives by professionalising their managers and leaders, through development programmes and qualification. These include core management and leadership capabilities as well as areas such as managementcoaching and mentoring skills, all with clear progression to Chartered Manager (CMgr) status.
Chartered Manager: Being Chartered is the ultimate recognition of a professional manager and leader with proven experience and appropriate qualifications who demonstrates consistently high standards of performance. Chartered Managers can be relied on and trusted to deliver. Accreditation and validation: CMI provides benchmarking and recognition by quality assuring in-house management and leadership development and, where rigorous qualification mapping requirements are met, by providing accreditation.
Qualifications: Through CMI’s network of Approved Centres or CMI’s own open programmes, a wide range of qualification opportunities are available to individual managers to help them develop their skills and knowledge, and progress their careers. ManagementDirect: CMI’s online management and leadership resource portal provides learning support for managers on development programmes and job support in dealing with everyday tasks and challenges in the workplace. Unique learning journey functionality delivers structured learning while the rich learning resources (including video, e-books, e-learning modules, checklists and templates) support self-directed and informal learning.
  ManagementKnow: is part of a suite of diagnostic and evaluation tools that support needs analysis and benchmarking of capability. Assessment modules in the areas of Performance Management and Employee Engagement provide rich data to drive targeted, cost-effective development of management teams.