Counsellors in Yorkshire & Humberside / North East

Michael Short M.Ed FCMI FCIPD Winston Churchill Trust Fellow

Michael has held senior learning and development leadership and management roles in UK and global organisations including Cable and Wireless, Rolls Royce, DWP, DVLA and National Police Training. He founded his own company (celebrating ten years) following the outsourcing of his global L&D role to a large consulting company.

He has experienced redundancy from four points: as a Manager overseeing the redundancy process; having his own job made redundant due to outsourcing; attending a redundancy support service; and assisting friends and colleagues who have been made redundant.

With this insight and experience together with counselling and communication ability, he can provide the best and appropriate help guidance and support to Managers who face new challenges.

Michael is also President of the CMI branch of Central and West Yorkshire and has recently moved on from the Chairmanship after six years of one of CMI's largest branches.


David Monro-Jones MA FCMI ASC

David's approach is to go beyond the superficial; to work at a deeper level to facilitate deep and sustainable change and development. He has meaningful conversations with clients; challenging where appropriate and establishing the way forward. David likes to explore choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, motivations and outcomes.

A highly qualified and accredited senior corporate coach, David has conducted thousands of hours of coaching and development sessions. A specialist in leadership and organisational development, he is also recognised as an expert in applied emotional intelligence and the Process Communication Model(R). David is fully qualifed to use a wide variety of profiling tools and psychometric assessments to help clients reach deeper levels of self-awareness.

Incredibly astutue, intuitive and cognitive, David seeks to understand and explore behaviour with the purpose of moving beyond the current to a position in whcih the client wishes or needs to be.


Sandra Grealy MBA Chartered MCIPD EIA FCMI

Sandra is an experienced and accomplished executive coach, holding the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's European Individual Accreditation at its highest Master Practioner level. She specialises in coaching at career transitions and has helped hundreds of clients in all sectors work through redundancy, career dilemmas and change, as well supporting many to achieve a fulfilling retirement.

She has over twenty years of experience as a senior leader in the public sector and as a Director of a successful coaching and development consultancy. She uses expertise in business, psychology and leadership development to build self awareness, resourcefulness and confidence to help clients navigate challenging transitions.

Sandra has a practical and supportive style. She coaches clients to establish career goals, undertake job search, present themselves successfully on paper with CV's and applications, and in person at interviews and assessment centres.