Recently withdrawn - Level 5 Neighbourhood Management

Qualification information

PLEASE NOTE: This qualification has been archived - the information provided should only be used by Centres/tutors who had already signed students to this course prior to its withdrawal.

Qualifications summary

This qualification is designed for the development of a neighbourhood and community plan, communicating and agreeing the plan, leading and managing the plan and reviewing the outcomes.

This qualification can be offered to learners from age 19. CMI does not specify entry requirements for this qualification, but Centres are required to ensure that learners admitted to the programme have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.

The qualification is offered in the medium of the English Language. The qualification can be offered by Centres in languages other than English – Centres wishing to do this should refer to the relevant section of the CMI Centre Code of Practice for guidance.


The qualification provides opportunities for progression to other qualifications at the same or higher levels, which could also be work-based or more academically structured. The qualifications also support learners in meeting the requirements for work and/or employment within all areas of management and leadership at this level.

Information Documents

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