Army courses eligible for CMI qualifications

To gain your CMI qualification, identify your in-service course from the links below and follow the options detailed.

Through the Army skills offer funding is now available to pay for qualifications for those currently serving - for more information on this initiative click here 

CMI normally provides an opportunity for military personnel to register for qualifications that are accredited directly to career development courses. If you have completed an accredited course since 2010, you can register for an appropriate qualification. Please check dates applicable to your chosen course. The window commences from the date of successful completion of the course, details of which are required on the registration form for subsequent verification by CMI. Select your course from the options given.

CLM for Reserves - interim arrangements have been put in place which enable those serving in the Army Reserves to achieve CMI qualifications matching those available to their regular counterparts completing CLM courses, but including the requirement to complete external assignments. For further details contact

Additional Notes:

  • JNCO and SNCO CLM effective 01 September 2012
  • Junior Officers Leadership and Management Programme (JOLMP) are only eligible for a CMI qualification if the JOLP 3 was completed from January 2013 onwards
  • REME Warrant Officers are only eligible for a CMI qualification if they have completed CLM Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • For information on eligibility for Standard Learning Credits (SLC) please see the relevant registration form

All registration enquiries for courses completed prior to 2010

Courses completed prior to 2010 may still contribute towards a CMI qualification through bespoke programmes which can also be enhanced to achieve higher qualifications through further development. Costs will be agreed with the student dependant on additional work required.

If you would like more information on how to progress please email us using the address below with your name, address, details of where you are based, phone number, email address, details of your course(s) and the date(s) of completion. We will then make contact with you as soon as possible.


Tel: 01536 207496

Progress with CMI - Membership & Chartered Manager

Granting of the qualification will also result in the automatic offer of an appropriate grade of CMI membership (the first 12 months is free, thereafter a membership fee is payable). For more details of membership benefits and how to get recognition of your managerial achievements please download the Armed Forces Guaranteed Membership Scheme Factsheet or contact us on 01536 207307 or for more information

You can then also look to work towards Chartered Manager, the highest accolade in the managerial profession and a status only awarded by CMI. Please click here for more information on the benefits to both you and employers and how this prestigious status can be achieved. If you need to contact a member of our Chartered Manager team please call +44 (0)1536 207429 or

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