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Start Date: 11 Feb 2015

Start Time: 6:15 PM

End Time: 8:45 PM

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Capacity: 30

Venue: BPP Business School, Room L5, London, EC3A 8BF › View map

Admission price: Free

Event Capacity: Full

Don't miss your chance to attend an informative session on Talent Management facilitated by Ena Saxon as well as take advantage of excellent networking opportunities.

Bring along a problem or burning question that you need help with or an example of how you have dealt with Talent Management - what worked and what didn't.

Talk through your experiences and hear different ways others have tackled similar scenarios.

Talent Management:

What is talent management?

Wide variations exist in how the term ‘talent’ is defined across differing sectors, and organisations may prefer to adopt their own interpretations rather than accepting universal or prescribed definitions.

  • Talent consists of those individuals who can make a difference to organisational performance either through their immediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating the highest levels of potential.
  • Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those individuals who are of particular value to an organisation, either in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are fulfilling business/operation-critical roles.

These interpretations underline the importance of recognising that it is not sufficient simply to attract individuals with high potential. Developing, managing and retaining those individuals as part of a planned strategy for talent is equally important, as well as adopting systems to measure the return on this investment.

Many organisations are also now broadening their definitions, looking at the ‘talents’ of all their staff and working on ways to develop their strengths (see ‘inclusive versus exclusive approaches’ below). At its broadest, then, the term ‘talent’ may be used to encompass the entire workforce of an organisation.


  • Welcome/News/Introductions
  • Theme discussion
  • Networking
  • Brief review of terms or reference
  • Thanks and close

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) - Square Mile Networking Group - A friendly group where anyone working or studying in the Square Mile in Management and Leadership is welcome to join. All skill levels welcome.

Our Aim

We aim to cover all Leadership and Management topics including Professional Development, Networking, CPD and Chartered Manager qualification so that we can share knowledge and collective experience which will help members in their places of work / study.

We have a programme of events throughout the year for those who want to learn, network and engage with others.


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Questions about this event should be addressed to Networks Support Team at networks.support@managers.org.uk or by telephone on 01536 207394.

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