Stop settling for the mediocrity of "OK"


Start Date: 07 Jul 2017

Start Time: 12:00 PM

End Time: 2:00 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 25

Venue: The County Hotel, 29 Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2PZ › View map

Admission price: Free

Event Capacity: Full

This is a joint event with the Chartered Institute of Insurance.

Are you a professional woman seeking to have a fulfilling and meaningful career?  Do you sometimes feel less than 100% of your best due to personal, professional or emotional challenges? Did you know that feeling ‘OK’ is actually holding you back?

Three Key Challenges for Women’s Job Satisfaction

  1. Many smart women understand the professional importance of emotional intelligence, but stop at being aware of what they are feeling without effectively dealing with those uncomfortable feelings. Unresolved difficult emotions = undermined decision-making.

  2. Most women are well clued up on self-development, leadership and strategic planning information, but putting into practice what we think we ‘should’ may feel depressing or overwhelming.

  3. Often women have accepted that feeling OK (translation: “feeling an acceptable level of stressed and unhappy”) is a part of their everyday reality and just do their best to plough through the day, But what if ‘OK’ is actually mediocre rather than good enough (and is mediocre ever really good enough)?

From this session you will be inspired to change your definition of ‘OK’ forever, find the solutions to these challenges and discover sustainable ways to be at your best most of the time. Your colleagues may well be drawn to you for inspiration.

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this session you will have:
  • Found out how much “feeling OK” (and ignoring what’s underneath!) really costs you
  • Discovered the importance of doing what feels better 
  • Acquired practical ways to dispel persistent, stressful feelings
  • Experienced an outlook that prevents stress or unease from building up
  • Figured out how to eat as much chocolate as you like without any guilt or remorse whatsoever


Shoshana Garfield

Shoshana Garfield

Dr Shoshana Garfield, PhD is an executive psychologist and founder of Inner Wisdom Limited. She provides a Special Forces level of support where most coaches may throw in the towel and hide behind psychometrics and Smart Goals. She works with ambitious top executives, people wanting far more than OK in their lives, and victims of violent crime.
Shoshana is the author of the forthcoming book, The Smart Person’s Guide to BIG FAT LIES about Suffering, Stress and Happiness, that goes well beyond mindfulness and the popular hype of stress management.
Shoshana is Vice Chair of international charity bringing cutting-edge psychological techniques into the workplace and everyday life. Her scientific background helps her to articulate complex psychological and neuroscience concepts in accessible (and even fun) ways without dumbing it down.


  • Free event

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