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Start Date: 23 Jan 2018

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 8:30 PM

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Capacity: 50

Venue: room 3.16/seminar room at the Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M15 6BH › View map

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At Go Engage, we understand the importance of employee engagement; how it helps to develop strong positive feelings and attitudes amongst staff, and helps staff to give their best even when times get tough. Ultimately, employee engagement levels have a huge impact on an organisation’s performance and success.

The Go Engage framework provides an evidence-based, validated structure for you to explore employee engagement more deeply and gives you the tools to respond in a tailored way to your employee engagement needs. The Go Engage model helps you analyse engagement levels in all its constituent parts, helping you to customise improvement plans and visibly see the cause and effect of your engagement work. The tools and approaches for engagement within the Go Engage package are scalable at both team and organisational level. We know that different teams have different needs, so our employee engagement toolkit offers teams a choice of solutions to apply so you can engage your way.

Between 2007 and 2011, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust (WWL) was one of the worst-performing NHS Trusts for employee engagement, and, unsurprisingly, that was having a knock-on effect on patient care. The organisation had made various attempts to address the situation before turning to technology, and the idea of a tool that would encourage a culture of continuous improvement – with the ultimate aim of going from the bottom 20 per cent of Trusts for engagement to the top 10. The result was an IT platform, Xopa, which uses evidence-based, three-month surveys of staff to break down engagement metrics at a team and departmental level. This gives the HR team a vital dashboard of data to identify issues and introduce rapid interventions, such as resilience and mindfulness training for A&E employees deemed at risk of burnout. The organisation achieved its goal of reaching the top 10 Trusts but, more importantly, it raised engagement by an average of 7 per cent and by 25 per cent in some teams. More than £300,000 was saved in sick pay in the first year alone and harm to patients was reduced by 86 per cent, which the organisation attributed in part to the initiative.

We will be discussing how the Go Engage approach and how it helps organisations achieve good staff engagement.


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