Promoting the CMI Brand

Hi all, 

Various discussions are taking place e.g. on LinkedIn regarding the actual or perceived value of the CMgr brand. One common theme, with which I agree wholeheartedly,  seems to be that CMI should be more aggressive in marketing the Institute generally but specifically in promoting the value of the CMgr award and the value of CMgrs to industry and commerce. 

Tom Doran has quite rightly commented that the solution is partly within our own hands, that we as CMgrs can turn our skills and energy into doing just that - promoting the brand. 

So is there any interest in forming a working group to explore ways of doing just that? I am "up for it" - anyone else? 


I agree wholeheartedly with you - we need to take on the responsibility, as Chartered Managers, to ensure that organisations understand the benefits that we can bring to the table. The award needs to be aggresively promoted across all sectors, to give it the same weight that it rightly deserves to be recognised alongside other Chartered professionals. The accolade of becoming Chartered demonstrates that those people who hold the title are at the very top of their game and profession, while maintaining their own CPD portfolios, and also helping others to develop.

I would be very willing alongside yourself and others to setup, as you have already suggested, a Chartered Managers Committee, perhaps along the lines of a think-tank, covering all sectors of UK industry?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Shaun/Steve,

Although I agree with both your sentiments I believe the only way for this message to become effective is if the message is targeted and accepted at the very top of an organisation. Only then have you any chance of the value being perceived throughout the organisation.

It is obvious to Chartered Managers like ourselves that there is demonstratable value in the attainment of CMgr status both to the individual and the organisation but it is a very hard message to push up hill. Especially in the current climate where, iin a lot of industries, short term results are the only objective. 

I hope I do not seem negative about this initiative. I believe it is a worthy cause and I would also be willing to give what support I could to help promote the brand.

I am up for the challenge.