Conducting a management project

Hello. I am half-way through the CMI Diploma in Management & Leadership and have a problem with starting module 5006, conducting a Management Project. I have just started a new job and the structure of the organisation (a retail chain) may not be suitable for this assignment. Where can I find more resources on this subject that enable me to come up with a project title? I may have to find a sponsor organisation and could do with some 'example' project titles that I can offer to them.

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I often use companies that I've worked for in the past when I write assignments.  Would that work for you Roger?

How about using your experience as a new joiner to explore and review the induction or 'onboarding' process? How well does it work, how does it feel, what could be improved etc. HR may be able to let you access other new joiners to survey them on their experiences too?


Just a thought but if you think it could work, let me know if you want more support to flesh out the idea,

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Thanks for the advice  - it does seem like something that I could incorporate into the project. I will need to conduct interviews as part of my research s that would be a good fit.

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I am struggling with the Information based decision making, 5002 unit. I seem to be confused with the data and the information that I use on a daily basis and not sure how to present that via the assignment. I have just started a new job and find it quite frustrating at times.

Please help as to how to go about it.


Are you using the CMI's online interactive content through your training provider? Are you utilising the fantastic pathway books? Are you doing lots of additional research via the CMI's web resources and through your own online research?


Another option that was suggested to me was to actually start with Unit 5009 in order for you to comprehend and complete Unit 5006. It has surely assisted me in the units since I am not in an organisation.

Hope that will help you.

Good luck and keep in touch so we work together hopefully get things right..




I am doing unit 5006 and as per the above comment I finished 5009.  I could use the 1st section of 5009 for the literature review of 5006 am I correct?



Hi, how about organisational loss through theft.  What i mean by this is that as retail we get shoplifters but what about theft in the company.  Stock goes missing or stationary or even computer monitors etc.  Get statistics from other managers in your organisation to see what is going missing what they are spending for stationary.  This could be a simple but informative project and it would benifit your organisation.  Shows your loyalty to the company too.  You dont need to point fingers just turn the data you collect to information and knowledge and write the project with also recommendations of how to prevent future loss.  Where the trends are and with which departments are having the major losses.  I hope this helps.

Hi Roger,.....

I hope you will be doing well since your first post last year.

I like the idea about working on organisational loss and also about working on HR. But specially ist one, i think if there are some budgetory games regarding allocation of resources (stationary, Paper etc), the availability of data will be difficult and unreliable.

If you are still looking for any project, you should have an eye over FT news or business pages in any paper available. this way u can build good insights into identification of research Oppurtunities.



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To all

I completed my Management Project on the subject matter of 'Company Training'. I sent a copy to my immediate Training Manager, my Area Sales Manager and the Head of Training. Not one of them read my work. Yet the company claims to havea vested interest in the training and development of its employees.

Roger - that is so disappointing! It's not unusual however, I often assess or IV assignments and think they are insightful, well-researched and very valuable, hoping the organisation will make use of the findings and recommendations and then find that the 'management' are not really interested.

When we encourage employers to pay for managers to undertake qualifications we often site the 'internal consultancy' benefit of the management project. Such a shame when they don't gain that potential return on investment.

I hope it helped you to gain your Diploma Roger and that you enjoyed it and learnt something from doing it.

That is sad to hear Roger.  Did you follow up and find out why they didn't read it?

I have regular contact with two of the recipients of my Management Project and both said that they 'didn't have the time to read it'. The Head of Training just ignored it so I don't why he didn't read it. If I were to think about undertaking the Level 7 it would not be with this company as they didn't encourage or support me with the Level 5.

What a head of training.  Good grief.  I feel kinda sorry that you work at a place like that Roger.


If I had already met the Head off Training and he would have to see me face-to-face on a regular basis I'm sure that he would have taken the time out to read my stuff. Umfortunately, out of sight is out of mind in big companies, but Holland & Barrett should have more caring staff. In fact I think I will send my Management Project and recent experiences to the global Head of All Training and see what she thinks!

Can i have some useful website link to find it easily,

i need to more practice.

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