Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials


I have the opportunity to do some personal development as part of a 12 month contract I'm currently working on. I graduated (MSc) this year and so after this contract I am likely to apply for graduate schemes in management consultancy. As graduate schemes are entry level anyway, I wouldn't necessarily need or be expected to do any prior training but does anyone think the certificate in consultancy essentials would be beneficial? Should I choose something more along the lines of project management instead?

Any advice or thoughts would be great - thanks!

Hi Carly

It sounds like the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials or the Diploma in Management Consultancy would be ideal for you. These qualifications are well recieved both nationally and internationally and are considered ideal for those who wish to persue a career in Management Consultancy.

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I am considering the pros/cons of the CMCE or the DMC.  I have an MBA and Professional Diploma in Management and ran my own small consultancy a few years ago.  If anyone has done either of the courses, can you comment on: your experience of the quality of the provider; whether you think the course improved your own consultancy service; whether you think the qualification lead to an increase in contracts. 

Would appreciate your comments, advice, etc.  Many thanks.