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Networking skills with live practice event

After a short introduction to the skill set needed to be successful at networking the session will allow you to put them into practice and try different approaches and introductions. The event will also allow you to increase your network with 10 to 15 individuals who you have not met before.

09 January 2017

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Call for Volunteers

The CMI London and South East Board is looking for volunteers who would like to get involved and support the work of our regional networks.

22 December 2016


Learning from failure - December's London Peer Learning Group Event Update

Learning from Failure; the key to changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. December's London Peer Learning Group, hosted by Gail Tutcher at the BQF, focused on generating discussion around how individuals and organisations can begin to learn from failure.

14 December 2016

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CPD Network Lead Vacancy

We are looking for a Lead Volunteer with Event Management / Organisation / Administration/ Communication skills to lead and take CMI London CPD Network forward.

06 December 2016

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Leadership in the Digital Age - November's London Peer Learning Group Update

As technology displaces with increased pace, the demand for leadership has never been greater. But with growing trends in alternative working practices, does our concept of leadership need to change? Read an update on the evening's discussions....

24 November 2016


Specialisation Secrets And Value Propositions webinar October 13th Event summary

During this insightful webinar that had over 300 people registered to attend, our speaker Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success, shared his experience coaching consultants worldwide to create effective marketing systems and to position themselves as authorities in their industry.

03 November 2016

Time Management Juggling

Change and Risk Management Workshop - November 21st 12:45pm - 4:30pm

During this three-hour interactive workshop, facilitator Eszter Molnar Mills, director of Formium Development, a strength-based leadership and organisational development consultancy, will explain the use of some core models and effective methodologies to help managers, consultants and advisers thrive through change.

24 October 2016

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Mentoring and Coaching Workshop

At this popular workshop, facilitator Veronika Weisweiller outlined the importance of mentoring and coaching in today’s business environment.

04 October 2016

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Social Media Marketing

During his workshop on June 14, facilitator Michael Lassman, shared a series of best practices to develop a successful social media presence across different channels.

07 July 2016

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Specialisation Secrets and Value Propositions

An event highlighting the importance for consultants to develop a good value proposition in order to stand out from the competition and communicate the right message to their target market.

06 July 2016