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Social Media Marketing

During his workshop on June 14, facilitator Michael Lassman, shared a series of best practices to develop a successful social media presence across different channels.

07 July 2016

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Specialisation Secrets and Value Propositions

An event highlighting the importance for consultants to develop a good value proposition in order to stand out from the competition and communicate the right message to their target market.

06 July 2016


Womens leadership careers

This event, hosted by Women in Management London and SE launched a year-long initiative aimed at encouraging members to upgrade their membership and become Chartered Managers.

06 June 2016

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Mentoring and Coaching Workshop

At this popular workshop, facilitator Veronika Weisweiller outlined the importance of mentoring and coaching in today’s business environment.

01 June 2016


Harnessing customer loyalty

This workshop highlighted the challenge of retaining customers and attracting new ones in an increasingly competitive world. Attendees gained insights into how to establish an effective customer care strategy using relevant methodologies and communication principles.

17 May 2016


Leaders burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged pressure. As leaders, we need to understand the catalysts and cultures that create burnout and we need to develop effective prevention and recovery strategies.

21 April 2016


Developing successful teams

The ability to lead a team to deliver excellent performance is crucial in today’s fast changing business environment. This is the case regardless of whether you have formal management responsibility or authority over the team, or if you are providing consultancy or advice to a clients’ project board or implementation team.

11 April 2016


Career matters - how CMI support your careers development?

Marking International Women’s Day, we launched a year-long project encouraging members to focus on progressing their careers. At this event we explored how CMI can assist you to enhance your professional development to meet daily management challenges.

07 April 2016


Webinar - Positive Change Management

In today’s fast changing environment agility and the ability to make change effectively is a key organisational requirement. Yet most change management initiatives fail and employees are increasing tired of and resistant to organisational changes.

18 February 2016


Dress for success

Have you ever thought about how much your appearance, body language and voice impact your professional success? When you meet someone for the first time, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. This means that, someone’s initial opinion is formulated even before you speak and depends mainly on how you dress and

04 February 2016