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Mentoring for a successful career

CMI’S new mentoring programme connects people across businesses to develop professional management skills. But why is mentoring important, and what's needed for a successful relationship?

25 February 2017

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The Rainbow Effect

The Rainbow Effect - now that New Year resolutions have in the main been set and given up on how can you make the positive changes that you want for you and your business? Come and hear about how the Rainbow Effect can be used in Coaching and Training scenarios to achieve personal and company goals.

28 February 2017

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The Accidental Manager

We will focus on “The accidental manager”. This is someone who is experienced in their role, has excelled and is rewarded with being promoted to a management position without any guidance.

01 March 2017


Webinar - Mindset and The Intentional Manager

This webinar, on finding The Intentional Manager presented by Dr Tim Sparkes, explores how the changing face of the much discussed New World of Work necessitates a different approach by leveraging mind-set.

07 March 2017


The Power of Appreciation in the Workplace

When people are inspired, companies grow. Discover the benefits of developing engagement and recognition strategies that show appreciation in the workplace.

09 March 2017

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Celebrating and Promoting Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Gain inspiration and reap the rewards of gender diversity at our conference, incorporating our annual celebration of International Women's Day.

10 March 2017

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NEYH CMI Network Day

Come along and join us to celebrate the many talented and highly skilled workforce in this normally under represented area.

30 March 2017

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The Art of Negotiation

This session will give an insight into the strategies required to achieve a successful negotiation.

19 April 2017

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Managing stress in the workplace

Stress is on the increase. For the individual this can lead to physical and mental health problems.
Employers are likely to notice poor attitudes, increased absenteeism, and staff who make more mistakes.

17 May 2017

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Creating a high performing team

How to build a team that will perform at its very best. By understanding team roles and behaviours we can select and develop the right kind of people to ensure successful outcomes for the organisation.

18 May 2017