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IoD Leaders Lunch Northern Lights

A panel debate around the opportunities to close the ever growing North South divide.

01 May 2018

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Leading Change

This interactive and informative session will provide you with insight from a psychological perspective

09 May 2018

Man Up

Webinar: Promoting gender equality in the workplace: an inclusive approach

You are invited to attend this webinar that will explore discriminatory behaviours and transgressions in the workplace further.

17 May 2018

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Doncaster Business Conference

The Doncaster Business Conference is back for its fourth year, bringing the private sector, politicians and other key stakeholders together to discuss the matters which are important to Doncaster businesses.

18 May 2018

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The World Cup of Business

This event looks at how different countries do business and the impact on UK industry.

24 May 2018

6 Ways

Social Media Workshop

Want to know how to use Social Media in your business? Want to understand the benefits it can bring? If you’re wondering why people are “wasting their time” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc then this seminar will enlighten you.

06 June 2018


Self Leadership

• The importance of knowing yourself and raising your self-awareness to manage yourself more effectively
• Managing the internal battle between your potential self and your destructive self
• Clarifying your identity and the leader you want to become

20 June 2018


Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams

It is important to learn how to work effectively with others. It is commonly recognised people like working with ‘people they like’ and like working with ‘people like them’.

18 July 2018

6 Ways

Employer of Choice

The session will consider workforce profile, culture, management style, values, vision, motivations

22 August 2018

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Positive Stress

Positive Stress and Resilience-an interactive session to look at how we as individuals handle stress in our personal and professional roles.

19 September 2018