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Good communication is not an accident!

Would you like to learn how communication really works? Join us for this workshop and pick up tips to streamline your communications.

19 January 2017

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Digital marketing for your business and career

The benefits and pitfalls of digital marketing and social media.

19 January 2017


Webinar: Managing communications in the digital age with the self service citizen

Effectively managing communications at the heart of an organisation requires a data-driven approach. This leads to informed policy making through which you can reflect, understand and be responsive to your stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

23 January 2017


The Power of Appreciation in the Workplace

When people are inspired, companies grow. Discover the benefits of developing engagement and recognition strategies that show appreciation in the workplace.

09 March 2017

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Celebrating and Promoting Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Gain inspiration and reap the rewards of gender diversity at our conference,incorporating our annual celebration of International Women's Day.

10 March 2017

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Creating a high performing team

How to build a team that will perform at its very best. By understanding team roles and behaviours we can select and develop the right kind of people to ensure successful outcomes for the organisation.

18 May 2017