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Webinar: Time Management - Taking back Control

Do you constantly feel that there is too much to do and too little time? Do you feel frustrated about the ever-increasing demands from your employer or manager?

22 November 2017

Webinar Gender

Webinar: Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations: What You Need To Know

New government reporting regulations mean that companies with 250+ employees will have to disclose their gender pay gap by April 2018.

24 November 2017

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Webinar: Mental Toughness and Personal Resilience

Improve your mental toughness and personal resilience in this webinar. Team building and leadership development company AQR International and a panel of experienced managers and practitioners will explore the importance of these attributes and the need for organisations to support them.

05 December 2017


Webinar: Managing how your organisation and teams deal with GDPR

This awareness and training event brings together key experts and leaders in the area of information management and data protection to help managers and those working in digital to better understand major changes to data regulations.

06 December 2017

Fingers Crossed

The Accidental Manager

Explore the curse of the accidental manager and gain advice and guidance to support them to become effective managers.

18 January 2018


Building personal resilience

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study has highlighted the impact on business of mental health distress in employees.

21 February 2018

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Helping each other flourish

Incorporating our International Women's Day celebration.

09 March 2018

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Business Planning Fundamentals

This seminar will look at the basics of Business Planning and answer questions.

14 March 2018

Achieving Success

The highs and lows of creating a successful food brand

Using first hand knowledge, real experience and battle scars, hear valuable insights to implement in your own business.

11 April 2018


Understanding your values

Our values are as unique as we are but there is one thing which remains constant; people who live a life that fulfills their values tend to be happy and contented; while those who do not are often frustrated and miserable.

25 April 2018