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Leadership and Management

The difficulties faced from a leadership and quality perspective when faced with a site redevelopment project.

26 October 2016
Barrow in Furness

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Webinar: How to become a Chartered Manager

You are invited to attend a webinar to explore how to obtain the highest status in management and become a Chartered Manager. Learn how CMI can assist you to gain professional recognition, display your commitment to continuous professional development and accomplishment as a manager while enhancing your knowledge, understanding and practice of management.

27 October 2016

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Webinar: Psychology of Success

Since ‘success’ is achieved through action, and all action is driven from thinking, it follows that how we think is crucial to getting the results we desire.

01 November 2016


The importance of Organisational Values

Practical insights into the importance of values and how they can be used to create the "wow" factor for their customers and staff.

24 November 2016
Golborne, Nr Warrington

Conflict Management

Webinar - Managing Conflict in the Workplace

In 2014 four in ten UK employees reported some form of interpersonal conflict, most commonly with their line manager followed by their colleagues typically caused by differences in personality and in styles of working.

24 November 2016


Communicating with the self service Citizen

Webinar - communicating with the self-service citizen in the digital age

23 January 2017