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Mindset Versus Skills Set

Come along and find out more about this interesting research which ties in with CMI research on the Accidental Manager. Hudson’s expert team and proprietary tools provide individuals and businesses with unique insights and services that help you maximize success.

13 October 2016

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Webinar - Specialisation Secrets and Value Propositions: How to stand out and get the attention of your ideal clients

As a consultant the first step in effectively marketing your services is to get the attention of your ideal clients. To accomplish this, you need to position yourself as an expert and have an effective value proposition that communicates why your ideal client should work with you.

13 October 2016

Fish Leaping

Webinar - Turning Uncertainty to Your Advantage

Dr Mary Holmes is an accomplished speaker who draws upon her experience in the theatre to get her message across to business leaders in a way that engages and inspires.

19 October 2016

Car - Scotland

CMI Scotland 2016

The CMI Scotland 2016 Annual Conference this year is centered around the theme of driving leadership through various organisational changes and external challenges.

04 November 2016

Conflict Management

Webinar - Managing Conflict in the Workplace

In 2014 four in ten UK employees reported some form of interpersonal conflict, most commonly with their line manager followed by their colleagues typically caused by differences in personality and in styles of working.

24 November 2016