Challenge the Norm

Developing Women Leaders

‘Equal choices’ and ‘equality for all’ were highlighted by university students, academics and employers at a management and leadership event for International Women’s Day 2018.

09 March 2018

Suzanne Anderson

The Power of Mentoring

CMI Southern Board Chair Suzanne Anderson writes about her experience as a CMI mentee.

09 March 2018

Winning medal

Management Book of the Year 2018

After having considered the number of management books that I read and sometimes just buy with every intention of reading, this year, I decided to attend the CMI’s Management Book of the Year in the British Library for the first time...

07 March 2018

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Developing 21st Century Leaders

CMI’s new research on 21st Century Leaders identified what employers want from new managers. The findings and case studies show significant growth in the skill level of graduates since the last research in 2013.

07 March 2018

Blueprint for Balance

Fixing the Broken Window

Gender diversity is the theme of the latest CMI Women campaign launched on 26 January 2018. It follows the latest CMI research into Gender Inequalities and the Gender Pay Gap.

13 February 2018

Suzanne Anderson

2018 focus on good management habits

If you’re anything like me, your New Year’s Resolutions have already fallen by the wayside - Suzanne Anderson CMgr CCMI - Chair, Southern Region

13 February 2018

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Board Update

Read about the latest board activities

10 October 2017

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Personal Productivity: managing interruptions

You’ve worked hard to become the ‘go to’ person for advice, guidance, opinion and decision-making in your organisation.

13 September 2017

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Preparing for the Future of Work

As technology, artificial intelligence, robotics become much more prevalent and digital transformation removes a lot of low level or entry level roles, how will individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to take on more senior or experienced roles?

12 September 2017