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Staying Resilient and Balancing Work and Life with All the Other Fun Stuff You Want To Do

Sometimes it is the boss that destroys our work life balance; sometimes it is our family commitments: but more often it is the decisions that we make that affect our wellbeing.

04 April 2017

Fish Swirl

Webinar: Mindful Leadership

Are you interested in learning how mindfulness can transform your leadership style, help you be better equipped to meet leadership challenges and sustain your well-being?

27 April 2017

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Annual Midlands Conference 2017

As uncertainty looms over the UK, organisations could be facing turbulence and it will be up to you, as managers, to adjust strategies accordingly.

28 April 2017

Cyber attack

Why fraud investigations go wrong

With over 25 years of experience of advising and representing companies, Mark provides valuable advice on why fraud investigations go wrong.

18 May 2017

Glass tunnel

Maclaren Memorial Lecture

"Unlocking regional growth – spreading prosperity to the whole UK" will be the topic of this year's’ MacLaren Lecture with our guest speaker Carolyn Fairborn, CBI, Director-General.

23 May 2017