Ambassador Network

Get involved by becoming a CMI Ambassador 

We are recruiting a national network of Ambassadors to help CMI in our mission to promote the art and science of Management and Leadership, leading to "Better led and better managed organisations". 

As part of the CMI Growth Strategy, we are focusing on developing and growing our profile in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Government
  • Financial & Business Services 
  • Armed Services
  • Police
  • Engineering

Therefore we are actively looking to recruit a network of ambassadors who have the skills, experience and knowledge in these key areas that will enable us to enhance our relationship with current employer and learning centre partners, as well as increasing our reach and profile.

In addition to the sectors listed above, we are also interested in promoting the work of our Women in Management and Institute of Consulting. We would be delighted to hear from individuals with an interest in supporting these areas. 

The Ambassador Programme is:

'a pro-active network of managers and leaders that are united in their enthusiasm for management & leadership as a profession and committed to the values and aims of the Chartered Management Institute'.

The Ambassador role will offer members the opportunity to:

  • raise their professional profile through activity that is relevant to their skills, experience and knowledge
  • encourage and support the lifelong development of managers and leaders
  • help raise the level of competence and qualification of management
  • network with like-minded people across different sectors

For further information please click here or contact Networks Support on +44 (0)1536 207395 or email

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