Further Info and Application Details

The role of the CMI Ambassadors will be to work with CMI towards achieving the mission of promoting the art and science of management through

  • Encouraging and supporting the lifelong development of managers
  • Raising the level of competence and qualification of management
  • Initiating, developing, evaluating and disseminating management thinking, tool, techniques and practices
  • Influencing employers, policy makers and opinion formers on management issues.

An ambassador is defined as an official goodwill representative for and behalf of CMI.  As an ambassador, you will assist CMI in achieving the strategic objectives of growing the network within one of the following sectors - Education, Health & Care, Government and Financial & Business Services while enhancing your own career development, business exposure, cliental and business recognition.

Ambassador Role & Responsibilities

To passionately promote the need for management and leadership skills with individuals and organisations by undertaking any of the below roles within the specified sector(s):

  • Actively promoting the profession of management and leadership and the credibility of belonging to a professional body such as CMI through assisting and attending external networking events
  • Presenting (keynote speaker/facilitating a workshop) at specified external conferences, events & seminars whilst commenting on key issues within the specified sector and the impact of good management & leadership
  • Contributing to CMI’s PR strategy and activities by assisting CMI in providing quotes and representing CMI at various interviews (radio/TV/Newspapers).  Also be willing to provide case studies on how CMI and good management & leadership has impacted on personal and organisational success
  • Providing current case studies demonstrating levels of best practice through working with the educational sector – (Schools, FE & HE) in order to prepare the next generation of managers about the necessity to develop excellent management and leadership skills within the sectors
  • Feeding back all ambassador activities to CMI to ensure that they are tracked back into the reporting systems and be eligible for the ‘ambassador of the month’ award and all ambassadors to receive recognition for all achievements by contributing to the monthly newsletter

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

All ambassadors are required to have natural passion and enthusiasm towards the art of management and leadership and wanting to share their experiences and best practice with their colleagues and networks.

It is essential to have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to enthuse all audiences through the activities that are undertaken as an Ambassador, but also within the organisation.  Ambassadors must demonstrate the following values:- forward-thinking, inspirational, collaborative, commercial and professional.


  • working knowledge of management and leadership issues that affect individuals and organizations within the specified sector(s)
    'success stories' of how current knowledge made a difference to objectives and moving a team/department/organisation forward


  • 3+ years management experience
  • working with a variety of people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences


  • excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of audiences

Ambassadors can either choose to focus on one role or undertake a variety of roles, depending on personal preference and availability:

  • Spokesperson (e.g. speaking at  external national/regional events, radio interviews, TV interviews)
  • Mentor/Coach (e.g. mentoring colleagues or coaching members of CMI and other professional bodies)
  • Case study/PR contributor (e.g.  pro-actively contributing to current news and offering quotes)
  • Specialist (e.g. contributing to current research within a specialist management area – change, risk, talent, performance management, leadership standards)
  • Academic (liaising and speaking with schools, colleges and universities to inform them about issues within management & leadership and acting as a role model to the next generation of managers)
  • CMI product & services (passionately promoting the benefits & value of belonging to the Chartered Management Institute)


The Ambassador Application Form requests that all applicants provide evidence of competence and success in 3 out of the 6 areas:

  1. Managing Self and Personal Skills
  2. Providing Direction
  3. Facilitating Change
  4. Working with People
  5. Using Resources
  6. Achieving Results


  • Full access to all CMI's on-line resources whilst working towards CPD and Chartered Manager status (this includes access to all membership benefits, e.g. subscription to CMI’s influential Professional Manager magazine)
  • Have the opportunity to raise your own profile and that of your organisation’s and gain exposure across different sectors and be able to build a deeper network with high profile members
  • Priority invitations to CMI recognised training & development days, round table discussions, previews of new products and access to cutting edge research in management and leadership that will continually develop your skills and employability
  • Become a key contributor in shaping and growing CMI

How to Apply

The following information will guide you on how to complete the Ambassador Application Form.

Personal Details

Please complete all the sections in this area.

Availability & Interest

1. Please choose which Ambassador Role you are most interested in


(this will involve you speaking and presenting at  external national and regional conferences, events & seminars in particular management and leadership topics that you have listed in no.2)


(this will involve you either mentoring a colleague internally within your own organisation or Coaching an external member/student).  This role will involve setting and monitoring clear objectives between both parties so they can see progression and for the process to be adding value to both parties.

Case Study/PR Contributor

(this will involve you either providing a personal case study of how you have progressed in your career or how your organisation is contributing to management & leadership).  You can also be involved in providing quotes (with CMI’s guidance) on key areas for comment (e.g. talent management) and also from time to time represent CMI on radio/TV interviews (sector specific).


(this will involve you contributing to research, leadership standards, etc. and speaking at various events and providing quotes and case study materials for your particular specialist topic area)


(this will involve you liaising with your local educational sector and promoting the benefits of CMI and the core competence of management & leadership by speaking to academics and students about current themes and the future

CMI Products/Services

(this will involve you passionately promoting CMI and the benefits of being a member of the Institute through attending events, meetings and networking events)

2. Please indicate how much time you will be able to dedicate
This section is split into 5 areas, please tick which suits you best, but also think about how much time you can realistically dedicate to being an Ambassador. Depending upon the role you choose it will vary and you can choose when and how to work (just need an approximate). As an Ambassador of CMI you are already committed to ensuring that management & leadership is high on everyone’s agenda and will be naturally conveying the message throughout your working day, but specific events will require your dedicated time.

3.  Region and travelling distances
CMI is split into 12 regions and all Ambassador roles will be aligned to those. In this section please specify your preferred regions so it can be easier for you to conduct your duties. Below is a further breakdown of the regions into branch areas:


East Midlands

London & South East

North West


West Midland

South West

Thames Valley

Northern Ireland




4. Invitations to Ambassador update training (Virtual)
Amabassadors will be given the opportunity to participate in virtual update sessions. These sessions will provide Ambassadors with opportunities to learn about CMI strategy and its products and services.

5. What has inspired/interested in you in becoming an Ambassador?
In this section you are required to explain your inspiration and why this particular role interests you.

6. Please indicate any events/networking opportunities which you are involved with/will be attending where you think there may be opportunities for promotion of the CMI and the core competence of management and leadership.
In this section you can indicate where you feel that other opportunities will be available where you can use your Ambassador role to promote CMI, Management & Leadership.

All about you
In this section you choose 3 out of the 6 areas and provide a short statement (maximum of 150 words) demonstrating your experience and competence in your chosen area. This section will also provide information about the areas that you would like to focus on as an Ambassador. The bullet points under each area are there for your guidance, but please ensure that you detail any success stories that you may have.

Further information and guidance notes.