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The Management and Consulting Book Club brings you some of the best titles in management and leadership. The titles featured cover one of four key themes: change, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership. Take a look at our pages to find out what the Book Club has to offer.


Editors Choice

Agile talent
Great writers on organization

Bestseller - Agile talent: how to source and manage outside experts by Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood

A road map is offered which explains how to assess, choose, attract, develop, support, and retain external talent. In the first chapter, Younger and Smallwood note that in today’s highly-competitive global marketplace, “the need for ‘expertise on tap’ continues to expand. Organisations are thus increasingly reliant on a widening range of functional external experts to acquire and master the capabilities to perform and grow.”

Editors Choice  is - Great writers on organization, Derek S. Pugh and David J. Jackson

The contributions made by 80 of the most prominent management thinkers to the understanding of organisational behaviour and managerial thinking are presented.  Among those included are early theorists such as Henri Fayol, Frederick W. Taylor and Max Weber, classical writers such as Alfred D. Chandler, Peter Drucker and Frederick Herzberg, through to modern thinkers such as Oliver Williamson, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Charles Handy, Lex Donaldson, Michel Foucault and Kathleen Eisenhardt.


 Guest Reviewer's

   An everyone culture   The essential Drucker

Management Challenge - An everyone culture: becoming a deliberately developmental organization by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

The authors present their studies on Deliberately Developmental Organizations. A DDO is organised around the simple but radical conviction that organisations will best prosper when they are more deeply aligned with people’s strongest motive, which is to grow. This means fashioning an organisational culture in which support of people’s development is woven into the daily fabric of working life and the company’s regular operations, daily routines, and conversations.

Your Guest Reviewer for December is - Anoop Maini whose book selection is:

The essential Drucker, Peter Drucker 

In this wide-ranging book, Peter Drucker draws from his best work drawn from his best work, looking at management, the individual and society. Drucker covers aspects such as what the non-profits are teaching business and the information needs of executives. In the section on the individual he gives advice on knowing your own strengths and values and your time. The third part on society encompasses the coming of the entrepreneurial society and citizenship through the social sector.

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