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The Intuitive Customer

Book review by Charlie Casey - The intuitive customer: 7 imperatives for moving your customer experience to the next level by Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton

A very timely and relevant publication and written by practitioners who have a strong understanding of the theory and application and I would encourage anyone who works in customer experience to read this book.

There have been a number of publications in recent times that focus on understanding how customers behave and this will often be counter to what they tell you directly. You can only understand this by observing the way customers interact with your business. For those organisations prepared to take their thinking to the next level this book helps you understand how to do this.

Previous publications from this author have talked about the emotional signature of an organisation and the way a customer feels about their experience will be heavily influenced by the way they have been made to feel. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman talks about the rational and intuitive mind and customers don’t like been made to think. They don’t want to be using cognitive effort to reach an outcome. You build loyalty with customers through positive memories, so important we understand the peak and the end of a customer interaction.

The book is full of case studies, practical exercises and models and has plenty for the reader to take away and apply. I would recommend this to managers and leaders at all levels.

5 stars: Exceptional, a “must read” for any manager or leader