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The 2-1 manager

Book review by Joanne Greenhalgh - The 2 – in- 1 Manager:  Be Creative Now!  by Steve Rawling

Pearson ISBN-13: 978-1292119298

The major appeal of this book is the dual approach of bite-size or more in-depth reading.  For the time-poor manager, the ability to dip in and out and come away with some decent ideas is a real bonus.

The subject matter of being creative is an interesting one, particularly as most of us are required to come up with more creative, more competitive strategies.  The exercises contained within the book are largely easy to access, and are relatively easy to achieve.  Many of them are fairly brief, and it is easy to see how they could be embedded into team meetings without being shoe-horned in as a problem solving technique.
The tone of the book is conversational without being condescending and it is easy to dip into.  The layout is appealing, and the graphics have an informal feel.

The real-life examples give the book some added weight, and it is well referenced for those wishing to delve deeper. The ‘Do This’ thinking points were perhaps my favourite aspect of the book.  For those of us who struggle to get off the ‘doing’ treadmill, pausing to stop and think from a particular focus does clear the path for new and creative ideas that struggle to be heard over the din of every day management.

A worthwhile read, and something I can see myself re-visiting.

3 stars:  Good, worth reading by a manager or leader