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The feedback book

Book review by Nicola Head - The Feedback Book – 50 Ways to Motivate and Improve the Performance of Your People by Dawn Sillett
LID Publishing 

This book has been written with the primary aim; to assist others in giving feedback well and often in order to increase productivity. 
In summary, the author has provided the reader with precise information on exactly how to give appropriate feedback using a simple framework, EDGE (Explain, describe, give, end positively). The framework allows the feedback giver to ensure that their feedback is well considered, clearly understandable and concise and the impact the action that has led to the feedback is understood by the receiver. It also allows both parties to form a dialogue encouraging the feedback receiver to respond and commit to how they will use the feedback given.

Annual appraisals are the primary source of feedback for employees but the author has explained within the book the importance of using feedback more regularly to assist in productivity and career progression.

The author has ensured that the key messages within this book are easy to grasp and understand with simple exercises to help you along the way. Anyone who struggles with or isn’t sure how to provide positive or negative feedback will definitely benefit from reading this book. It really is a step by step guide to giving good feedback confidently and getting it right in order achieve good results. I would certainly recommend reading this book and trying the tips and techniques within.

4 Strong, strongly recommended for managers and leaders