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Book review by Robert Orton - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

Penguin ISBN-13: 978-0141029191

The author Susan Cain presents a book written by an introvert, mainly for introverts. Comparisons are offered on the way that introverts view and react to the world versus extraverts.  How the brain chemistry of introverts and extroverts differs, and how society misunderstands and undervalues introverts is explored. The introvert/extrovert divide is a fundamental dimension of personality. And at least a third of us are on the introverted side. Yet extroverts have taken over and shyness, sensitivity and seriousness are often seen as being negative with introverts often feeling excluded in some way for being the way they are.

A good mix of research, reflection, anecdotes and advice is offered in the book which is clearly a personal work for the author.  The work is not a psychology text book but something far more personal and is more deeply personal in which people's experiences are shared.  The central thesis of the book is that perhaps the extrovert ideal is no longer as powerful as it was.  Tools are offered in the book to enable introverts to better understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengths.

5 stars a ‘must read’ for any manager or leader.