Editors choice

FT Guide to strategy

This month’s Editor’s Choice is  - FT Guide to Strategy: How to Create, Pursue and Deliver a Winning Strategy (The FT Guides) 4th edition, by Richard Koch

Behind business failure lies bad strategy and success generally comes from good strategy. This practical guide is for those who use or develop strategy.

The FT Guide to Strategy is an engaging, accessible guide to every area of strategy. The book offers an incisive overview of both corporate level and business unit level strategy, an A to Z of the world’s leading strategic thinkers and introduces the key strategic tools and techniques needed to develop your own strategy. Readers are led through each critical step in creating, delivering and understanding successful strategy.

The book has four parts. Part one deals with business unit strategy, part tow with corporate strategy and the final two sections of the book cover, respectively, strategic thinkers, and strategic concepts, tools, and techniques. These sections of the book provide a good crash course in strategic theory, and are a great jumping off point to learn more about specific areas in greater depth. All in all, a great resource for managers in need of a practical strategic toolkit.

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