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Great writers on organization

Book review by Robert Orton - Great writers on organization, by Derek S. Pugh and David J. Hickson

The book offers an illuminating overview of the field of organisation studies through the views of leading writers. Authors Derek S. Pugh and David J. Hickson do a masterful job of capturing the essence of each writer's contribution to the field—providing coverage of all the classic and cutting edge theories in management.

This compendium gives easy access to the principal ideas of the leading authorities including early theorists such as Henri Fayol, Frederick W. Taylor and Max Weber, classical writers such as Alfred D. Chandler, Peter Drucker and Frederick Herzberg, through to modern thinkers such as Oliver Williamson, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Charles Handy. New writers included in the Third Omnibus Edition are: Lex Donaldson, Stewart Clegg, Richard Whitley, Michel Foucault and Kathleen Eisenhardt. Offering brief, clear resumes bring out the main thrust of their thinking.

A comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of organisation management is presented which cover the structure and national and international environments of organisations, management problems, managerial decision-making and influence, people problems, and organisational change and learning. The book has separate sections including one’s on; the structure of organisations, the functioning of organisations, the management of organisations, decision making and people in organisations, the organisation in society. 

5 stars a ‘must read’ for any manager or leader.