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The essential DruckerBook review by Anoop Maini - The Essential Drucker, Peter Drucker
Harper Business; Reissue edition
ISBN-13: 978-0061345012

"Managers must convert the needs of society into opportunities for profitable business". This statement by itself is worth what many books convey in many pages. Drucker, often referred to “as the founder of modern management”, was an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation.

In The Essential Drucker, he dwells significantly on the purpose of business. A seemingly simple question, but which few people ask. In Drucker’s opinion this is clearly not profit, instead, he says “profit is a merely a marker of business viability”.  In this reflective tone, the book outlines many other subjects including: the art of picking people, entrepreneurship strategies, personal qualities to improve effectiveness, as well as social aspects such as knowledge led transformation and citizenship.

The Essential Drucker collates the best of sixty years of writings. Born in 1909, and writing a column for the Wall Street Journal through to 1995, Drucker has the rare view of living through the creation of the modern market system, its crash in the 1930s, but the beginning of the technology revolution. It is this insight and wisdom, which makes this book such a timeless text, which few will replace. 

In my opinion, this is close to being the spiritual guide for management and is something everyone should read at as early as possible in their career, then re-read every few years, where it will bring new insight and relevance.

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Anoop Maini

Profile - Guest Reviewer - Anoop Main

Anoop is a visionary entrepreneur and social reformer with a long-standing interest in social impact. He is at the forefront of developing innovation systems in healthcare, which accelerate the translation of technologies, data and medicines into more predictably effective patient care.

Previously Anoop was Commercial Director of an innovative international media company, and in financial services he worked at Goldman Sachs and has been Strategy Advisor to the FairBanking Foundation.

He won a scholarship to read Engineering at the University of Cambridge, then read Management at Warwick Business School. During this time he served on the National Council of the Chartered Management Institute and worked with the Home Office on pioneering social innovation programmes to create more active communities. He is a Board member of The Shaftesbury Parnership.