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How to be really productive

Book review by by Dipak Umeria – How to be Really Productive: Achieving Clarity and Getting Results in a World Where Work Never Ends by Grace. Marshall.

Pearson Business ISBN-13: 978-1292083834

I started reading this book not knowing quite what to expect, having taught time management as a management trainer. However, this book changed the way I thought about what it takes to be productive and manage time. Furthermore, it got me to challenge and think differently about my approach to being productive. Grace. Marshall's book provides practical suggestions for managing life and work, based on research, theory and practice. There are strategies for tackling whatever life throws at you. The book covers time, organisations, tools, schedules, techniques, emails, distractions, interruptions, motivation, mindset, vision, action, procrastination, deadlines and focus.

Among my favourite are the one thing we are all good at is the fine art of faffing around, especially being busy, be it at work or home!
Every chapter has a section at the end for you to consider “over to you”, which is practical and gets you to think about what you do and how you behave and react to situations and scenarios.

In my opinion, this book makes an interesting read for everyone. There is something in this book for every reader to take away and build on. I would highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: Excellent

5 stars: Exceptional, a “must read” for any manager or leader

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Dipak Umeria

Profile - Guest Reviewer - Dipak Umeria. BSc (Hons). FCIH. MCIM. ACIM.

Dipak is a Performance Analyst at Catalyst Housing, a housing association based in West London, one of the leading housing providers.
He is responsible for data analysis including analysing customer satisfaction data.

He has worked for various local authorities in London, including a number of housing associations and as a senior regulator for the sector. He has also worked as a consultant and trainer. He was formerly the chief examiner for the Masters housing programme at the London School of Economics for eight years.

He is a school community governor, and sits on the local police safer neighbourhood panel.

Dipak is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, a Member of the Institute of Management, and an Associate Member of the Institute of Marketing.