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7 steps to sales force transformation

Book review by Emmanuel Ojo Ademola – 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Driving Sustainable Change in Your Organization by Warren Shiver and Michael Perla

Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-1-137-54804-7

The book intellectually addressed with step-by-step paradigm those misunderstood concepts of Sale Transformation and, it gives the reader a practical set of guidelines to consider. It provides a straightforward mapping strategy of the subject, based on best practices for Sales Leaders. Apparently, thought-through and doable ideas presented in the books are to aid the pursuit of professionals. It places in the hands of Sales Leaders and Executives, a current working transcript to follow in their day-to-day desire for winning ideas, and an attempt to transform their businesses. Undoubtedly, the material aims at supporting selling professionals with how their customers are engaging with buying today; a crucial tool for today's digital driving and customer-empowered society.

The authors clearly articulate seven implementable steps for sales practitioners to follow with a transformation firmly at the nucleus of their drive for sustainable selling. Implementation of ideas presented will provide a shut-cut approach into analyzing and debating matters of professional interest in marketing management in general, and, successful and sustainable selling in particular. A proactive engagement with what the book has in place delete time wasting and monstrous debates about Sale Transformation.
Shreds of evidence have shown that in multiple large-scale sales transformations, the risks could far outweigh any rewards if not thoughtfully considered in both strategy and planning adopted. However, the seven steps suggest a full compendium, an essential guide, and without any doubt, a convenient handbook, to support Sale Transformation with minimal risk while and accomplishing successful sustainable selling.

I recommend the book for all professional managers at all levels in general, and mostly; aspiring and Sales Leaders.

5 stars: Exceptional, a "must read"