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An everyone culture

Book review by Sarah Stocks - An everyone culture: becoming a deliberately developmental organization by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

I approached this book with some excitement is this the new 'holy grail'? When I first started reading this I thought is this a re-package of the learning organisation seen in the 90s. However, it is evident this is much more than that.

Whilst this is written by a team of academics most of the book is not to reliant on academic jargon. In fact the authors encourage you to choose the chapters most relevant to you, which is good as you may find reading about adult development rather heavy going. What is great to see are the case studies which are extremely current (Next Jump advertise the fact on their website) and guidance is provided should you wish to consider becoming a DDO.  However, all the companies mentioned are US based and some of the principles are aligned to American culture. It would be interesting to see whether these principles would transfer out of the US into Europe and the UK.

The benefits of a DDO (Deliberately developmental organisation) takes the principle of our  biggest resource  - people and in many ways toughest asset to get the best out of! in providing a culture that encourages people (front line staff to CEOS) not to hide their weaknesses, but to put them 'out there' and with support address them. This would require an significant shift in culture to how we work and the question is are we ready for DDOs?

3 stars: Good, worth reading by a manager or leader