CMI management articles of the year terms and conditions

Authors are required to acknowledge and accept these conditions of use at the same time as submitting the article in question either as a file attachment or as an electronic link.

1. As Author I warrant that:

1.1 I have read and understood the criteria for submission and dissemination of articles as issued by the CMI from time to time

1.2 I own the copyright in the article and hereby give CMI the non-exclusive and revocable right to post and electronically disseminate the article via the CMI Portal

1.3 Should the article have been previously published in other media, I have obtained in advance all necessary permissions for it to be reproduced via the CMI Portal

1.4 Should the article reproduce images or quotes, copyright to which is owned by a third party, that all necessary permissions, I have obtained in advance all necessary permissions for these to be reproduced within the article to be published via the CMI Portal

1.5 Should my, or any third party, copyright in the article be subsequently questioned or prove to be in doubt, I agree that CMI may immediately remove the article from the CMI Portal

2. The CMI warrants that it will use its best endeavours to:

2.1 protect the personal information of authors and to prevent users of the CMI Portal from creating email lists or sending bulk e-mails to authors or other contributors;

2.2 ensure that articles placed on the CMI Portal are accessed by individuals for their personal, non-commercial use and that articles are not reformatted, reposted, redisplayed or circulated for commercial purposes without express written permission obtained in advance from the CMI in liaison with the Author concerned.

3. The CMI reserves the right to remove the article for any reason, which will be explained to the Author, and which may include issues relating to accuracy of content and/or copyright ownership.

As Author, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information submitted herewith is correct.  I hereby authorise the CMI to make the article available for dissemination via the CMI Portal.