Brian Ing

Brian IngBrian Ing is a long career management consultant who has spent 24 years in roles in the IMC, IBC and IC and fifteen years with the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) as UK trustee, elected secretary (2005-2007 and 2013 – 2015) and elected Chair (2007-2009).

Current Interests

As secretary of ICMCI, Brian is focussing on ensuring the new members of the executive committee are informed, Quality Assessment of Institutes awarding the CMC, the policy on accreditation of CMCs, extending the CMC firm initiative, and exploiting the UN NGO status and the opportunities for establishing new country Institutes.

Brian undertakes some pro bono consultancy with small charities and is active in his local parish Council, including his consultancy skills to assist in the design and development of a new town adjacent to his home village.

Professional background and career

Originally a theoretical Physicist (MA and PhD from the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge), Brian Ing progressed through systems and operational research roles (in a service company to the MoD, a banking research organisation and corporate planning in a water authority) to be a management consultant in the OR group with Arthur Young in 1977, joining the IMC in 1978.

Over thirty years, Brian Ing concentrated on programme management, Information strategy and systems, management information, business process re-engineering, outsourcing and organisation development. He developed two management consultancies and led an engagement consultancy unit of 25 within Siemens business services.

Brian Ing led the MCA and IMC efforts on QA in management consultancy following a French led initiative with the EU, joining the IMC Professional Committee which he eventually chaired for three years during the implementation of the competence based CMC. He joined IMC Council in 1995 until 2003 and was president 2002.

Brian Ing was appointed UK trustee to ICMCI in 1999 and has been involved ever since. Roles have included on the Professional Standards Committee, Marketing Committee and ExCom (six years and now a further two year stint). Brian was elected Secretary in 2005, Chair in 2007 and Secretary, again, in 2013. Brian chaired the QA committee (the Committee responsible for ensuring the CMC is awarded worldwide to the equivalent defined standard) for four years and has been an assessor since 2006. Brian now Chairs the IC Trustees' Liaison Group.

Type: IC Advisory Committee