Emmanuel Ojo Ademola CMgr FCMI

Emmanuel Ojo Ademola

Emmanuel is a Pastor, Professor and management consultant. A distinct leader, and effective communicator - he is highly professional in all his undertakings. He is a proactive academic and has been internationally renowned in the subjects of general management, theology, information, and communication technology (ICT) since 1990. He has lectured and given seminars at colleges of further education, universities and in many international settings.

He has been an examiner/assessor for a leading UK awarding body spanning seven years. As a subject consultant, Emmanuel has developed the curriculum for various institutions and awarding boards. He is a Fellow of various professional bodies of international repute such as the CMI, Institute of Learning, and the Institute for Sales and Marketing Management.

He has maintained a sturdy dynamic in teaching and administration, communication, presentation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Emmanuel speaks fluent Yoruba and English. He has recently acquired Chartered Fellow status of CMI following the successful completion of the Chartered programme. In addition, he has authored books in theology/process management, and regularly reviews management articles with CMI in the areas of general management, change management, innovation, and marketing management.

Emmanuel has served in various chairmanship and managerial positions in public, private and voluntary sectors in Nigeria, the UK, USA and other international settings. He is the Chair, University of Ibadan Nigeria/Power-Age Christian College inter-border Partnership Project, UK. He is the current Chairman of the UK Coordinating Council of the Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide. He is also the Principal Consultant of Power-Age Management Consulting, amongst others.

Type: Subject Matter Experts