Professor Denise Skinner CCMI

Denise Skinner

Denise is an experienced manager and senior researcher in the fields of HRM (Human Resource Management) and OB (Organisational Behaviour). She currently leads the successful and diverse Faculty of Business, Environment and Society at Coventry University. In her research work Denise specialises in the management of change, trust in the context of the employment relationship, diversity and work-life balance. Denise has published co-edited books, chapters and articles in leading journals including Organisation, International Journal of Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management and Human Resource Management Journal. She has also co-edited two recent books 'Organisational Trust: A Cultural Perspective' (2010), Cambridge University Press 'Trust and 'Trust and HRM' (2011), Edward Elgar. In the latter edited collection chapters critically consider the relationship of HRM and trust at various points of the HRM Cycle e.g. recruitment, appraisal, training. Denise regularly presents papers at international conferences and as an invited keynote speaker on a variety of topics. Denise is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and a Board Member of FINT (First International Network on Trust).

Type: East Midlands Regional Board