Reetu Kansal CMgr FCMI


Reetu Kansal is the Senior Project Manager for Student Services at University of London, after successfully leading the University’s Assessment Tasks and Institutions Assurance departments through significant change. Eight years at the University of London have seen her develop strong strategic partnerships with educational organisations, professional bodies, quality assurance agencies and regulatory bodies in around 50 countries. 

A proponent of modern quality assurance processes, Reetu has been a key mover in the way the University of London assesses its students, and reviews and monitors its alliances with external institutions. Her overall experience has positioned her well to ensure that the University of London complies with regulatory requirements across the student assessment lifecycle. Reetu is a Diversity and Inclusion enthusiast and oversees a portfolio of inclusion projects, alongside change and risk management projects, for the University of London.

Reetu draws her expertise from experience of managing Masters programmes for the Diplomatic Academy of London. She holds a Chartered Fellow award from the Chartered Management Institute, UK and completed her Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Warwick.

CMI Women Champion.

Type: London South East Regional Board, CMI Women Regional Champions