Shani Mashhood FCMI

Shani MashhoodShani is a Senior Technology Manager with over twenty five years experience in IT, Business and General Management. Her experience spans across private, public and third sectors within a range of industries namely: Media, Energy, Gas & Oil, Technology, Housing and Defence. She works with executives and their teams to transform their business and operations often, though not exclusively, by identifying and managing leading edge transformational technology/ organizational solutions and the resulting internal change in systems and people to match.

Shani is passionate about unlocking the potential that is within us all to achieve business goals and personal growth. Shani trained as an Executive Coach through the BBC’s externally accredited Coach Foundation Course and is also a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for women on their women in Business (SME) Programme.

Shani is committed to encouraging strong and inspirational leadership at all levels and sits on the board of organisations in the capacity of NED and Vic Chair, holds a MBA and one day would like to do a DBA - but not yet - not enough hours in the day.

 Deputy Chair and Networks Champion.

Type: London South East Regional Board