Zoey Rhodes


Personable education professional driven to achieve personal and academic success. Motivated professional who undertakes each role seriously.  I am a flexible team player who uses a variety of strengths to support the team.  Whether I have been a leader or a follower I perform successfully because I am committed to the role and the employer.  I have experienced a great deal of success during my career and have supported people as an administrator, student ambassador, property assistant, tour presenter and job coach. My university experience has been published in the Huffington Post; (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/zoey-rhodes/higher-education-mature-student_b_4108612.html ) and this experience inspired me to encourage others to improve themselves through knowledge.  I was also selected as a Student Juror for the Higher Education Institute’s Social Mobility Conference in March 2013.  I enjoy education and learning. I am a good communicator with good written skills, my published article is an example of this;


Area of interest: Secretary

Type: West Midlands Regional Board