Liberating the NHS Developing the Healthcare Workforce

01 March 2011

The consultation paper set out proposals to establish a new framework for developing the healthcare workforce and sought views on the systems and processes that will be needed. The proposed framework envisages the transfer of a substantial tranche of decision-making powers and education and training to “healthcare providers”, thereby devolving power directly to NHS employers. It will also create a new national body, Health Education England, to provide leadership for workforce planning and the provision of high quality education and training that support "innovation, value for money, better skills development and security of supply".

CMI's response argues that "Good managers and leaders create good patient outcomes" and highlights the benefits to the NHS of improving its management and leadership. However, there is insufficient recognition of the importance of these skills in the proposals. We fully support the work of the NHS National Leadership Council, such as a pilot scheme for a voluntary leadership accreditation framework for clinical leaders (to which CMI has contributed), but have concerns about the Council's future and potential confusion around the network of different organisations with responsibility for improving leadership and management skills in the NHS.

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