Women in the Workplace

01 December 2012

CMI has welcomed the opportunity to submit evidence to the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee in its inquiry into Women in the Workplace.

CMI believes that while progress has been made, issues persist regarding both pay and career progression for women. More needs to be done to change corporate cultures and we agree more transparency would help encourage the worst offenders to take action. Research shows that companies who embrace gender diversity and have one or more women on their board perform better compared to those who do not. However, for lasting progress to be made, efforts should not focus solely at the board level, but also on creating a strong talent pipeline of women at all levels in the workplace.

Ann Francke, Chief Executive of CMI, has warned that “A lot of businesses have been focused on getting more women on boards but we’ve still got a lot to do on equal pay and equal representation in top executive roles. Women make up almost three out of four at the bottom of the ladder but only one out of four at the top.”

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