Information for apprentices

How do I get involved as an apprentice?

If you want to become an apprentice for any of CMI’s apprenticeships) there are a number of ways that you can do this.

  • Search for an apprenticeship, and register your details so that you can get alerts about new apprenticeships here
  • Contact employers that you would like to work with directly. They may not already offer apprenticeships but they may well consider becoming involved with apprenticeships
  • Find out what Providers offer the apprenticeship that you’re interested in. These could be colleges, private training providers or universities, Providers may have relationships with particular companies that take apprentices so may be able to assist in placements. Those currently offering apprenticeships can be found on the Chartered Management Institute’s website.
As a potential apprentice you can find some really useful information here

I have already done an apprenticeship – can I do another?

Yes you can, provided that it is at a higher level so shows progression. You may however be able to do an apprenticeship at the same level as the one that you’ve already done as long as it is in a different occupational area. For example, if your first apprenticeship was a level 3 engineering apprenticeship, and you now want to undertake a level 3 apprenticeship in health and social care then this would be acceptable as a totally different occupation.